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    The World Most Colorful Vespa Presenting " PRIMAVERA 150 SEAN WOTHERSPOON VESPA! " The result of a collaboration between Vespa and one of America's most exciting streetwear designers, the Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon 150 is the embodiment of young urban tribe style on wheels. This limited edition small body Vespa with its nifty lightweight structure zips through city traffic & longer stretches of empty roads with ease. Designed so that you enjoy a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride, its 12" wheels deliver perfect grip on all surfaces and in all conditions! Contact Lionel at 9733 0470 & experience what this amazing Vespa Primavera has to offer and discover your worldly passion and adventurous spirit! The Details: ➡️ PRIMAVERA 150 SEAN WOTHERSPOON VESPA ➡️ Year Of Manufacture: 2020 ➡️ Registration Date: 24th March 2021 ➡️ Engine: 155cc 3-valve 4-stroke single cylinder I-Get Catalysed ➡️ Gearbox: CVT Automatic With Torque Server ➡️ Flawless Paintwork With IGL Coating And Paint Protection! ➡️ Warranty With Sporting Motors Till March 2023 ➡️ 2 x Servicing Packages Left ➡️ Number of Owners: 1 Only ➡️ Mileage: 2588km Only ➡️ Asking Price: $16,888

    16,888.00 SGD

    - SG

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    Black X1R, fully stock condition. No accidents with my sis care of over 3 years. Includes: -Givi Monorack -26L Kappa box -Grip puppies -Ohlin suspension -GPR exhaust (lost cert but passed inspection lol) (seen other carousellers listings saying its not legal anymore, asked gpr asia sg in june but no reply), i dont have stock exhaust but, if u want i can arrange for u. COE ends 28 Feb 2023. Its non-renewable. Looking to sell at 2k cash, negotiable for serious buyers only. Bike is used for to & fro to work & jalan2. U may contact me at 91523504 - Khai

    2,000.00 SGD

    - SG

  3. @teocekn You buy the parts online and DIY on your own? Fantastic.
  4. Welcome @Leong A, how are you liking the Kymco so far? Kymco Singapore does organise rides for Kymco owners from time to time, you should join them (safe distancing of course) to meet other Kymco owners! Congrats on your purchase!
  5. "The future is EV" - This is a statement we've heard time and time over, and there are certain prevalence of this happening around us as we see mainstream brands of motorcar start introducing EV models into their range, and the latest news from our 4-wheel cousins is the arrival of Tesla setting up its direct-sales showroom here in Singapore. If that's not a testament to the market potential, we don't know what is. Why EV? It's called Petrolhead and not ElectricHead, right?! There are several reasons why the EV market is gaining traction, few amongst which are that they are greener and thus better for the environment, which is all the hype these days. They cost lesser to run in the long-term as you do not have to pay for petrol or diesel. And lastly, the performance of EVs have surpassed that of what the traditional engine can deliver. While prices for electric vehicles (cars and motorcycles) are rather prohibitive at this point in time (we'll touch more on this later), the prices are slowly but surely dropping as technological advances make it cheaper to manufacture, and being able to sell a larger number vehicles would also drop the average pricing to consumers. With that introduction to electric vehicles done, let's dive into what has been making waves in the local motorcycling scene here in Singapore over the past few weeks. Sneak peek of the Energica EVA EsseEsse 9+ If you are a biker, you would have noticed several media agencies such as The New Paper (shoutout to Biker Boy!), @TRI333PLE, @SBF, and a few others posting up pictures of what looks to be a very futuristic looking, sports naked bike, albeit without an exhaust pipe. That bike, or to be clearer, that electric EV bike, would be the ENERGICA EVA EsseEsse9+. The Energica range of electric motorcycles, are the world's first high-performance production EV motorcycles to have hit the roads in recent years, and in Singapore more specifically, is the first full production electric motorcycle marque, focusing on the higher-end market, to be launched here. Energica is distributed in Singapore by Ifyni Pte Ltd. We speak to Mr Eugene Mah (Operations Head of Ifyni Pte Ltd) later on in this article so read to the end to find out more! P.S. For those of you who think that's a familiar name, it is because Eugene is also the Managing Director of local motorcycle powerhouse - Mah Pte Ltd. What models of the Energica range are coming to Singapore and what are the prices? So, Energica has 3 models in its range, namely the Energica EGO, Energica EVA Ribelle, and Energica EVA EsseEsse9. The bikes listed here are in descending order of their prices as well - cool, right? All models listed above come in the standard variant, which is already very adequately equipped, or an upgraded RS/+ model with even more power and battery capacity. We will also have dedicated reviews of each of the models coming to SingaporeBikes.com in the very near future so be sure to check us out if you have a particular model in mind! First up - the Energica EGO (Prices starting from S$80,800) https://energica.ifyni.com/energica-ego/ The Energica EGO first appeared on the scene at EICMA in 2013. It was then a culmination of years of electric racing competition, with numerous victories including the 2010 TTXGP European Championship and runner-up for the 2011 TTXGP World Championship. Energica has also been appointed to be single manufacturer for the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup until 2022. This is the sportbike variant within Energica's range. It does the 0-100km/h in a whopping 2.6s so it'll be sure to give the Ducati V4 a run for its money. Secondly, - the Energica EVA Ribelle (Prices starting from S$74,400) https://energica.ifyni.com/energica-eva-ribelle/ The Energica EVA Ribelle is the naked version of the Energica EGO, with the same torque, power, acceleration and range; the only key differences being riding position and top speed. If you want a true electric streetfighter, aggressive with an urban mojo, or an assertive-yet-upright riding position instead of the typical track day crouch, choose the EVA Ribelle. But like its cousin the EVA EsseEsse9, the EVA Ribelle easily transforms into a long-distance sport-touring bike with the simple addition of side panniers, windshield and tank bag. The Energica EVA Ribelle has the same linear 215 Nm – 159 lb-ft torque as the EGO, the same 21.5 kWh long-range lithium-ion battery with up to 400 km – 249 miles of city range, the same suspension and performance options, and all the technological amenities. Not enough? Opt for the “RS Version” for even more off-the-line velocity. Last, but definitely not the least - the Energica EVA EsseEsse (Prices starting from S$69,000) https://energica.ifyni.com/energica-eva-esseesse9/ This is the motorcycle that Ifyni first brought into Singapore and the bike that the local media was invited to test. Aside from a little stationary drop (sorry Eugene!), we loved every single bit of our first EV motorcycle experience. It is something that you have to test, ride, and push to the limits, to find out what all the hype is about. The EsseEsse is a modern take on the classic racer, and being priced the lowest among the range, would make a very good introduction to the mature rider into the world of electric superbikes. SingaporeBikes.com has reviewed this bike so expect a first look and review article to be published shortly! Interview with the "Boss Man" - Mr Eugene Mah, Operations Head - Ifyni Pte Ltd Although well-versed in the motorcycle trade here in Singapore and being part of the Mah Group, it is still daunting to be the first-mover in an industry that has for so long been dominated by the internal combustion engine. We speak with Eugene Mah to find out what drove him to engage and represent Energica, what he sees for the future, what can we expect with regards to Government policies, and how you can get your hands on a Energica electric motorcycle, to test and to own! What is your vision for the electric motorcycle industry here in Singapore - in the near to mid future? EM: We hope that electric motorcycles can be given as much recognition as all ICE vehicles, (including 4 wheelers) to be a mode of transport and of course, to make it affordable and accessible to everyone. Right now the focus is on EV cars (EV charging lots are for 4 wheelers, none for 2 wheels), and it seems that guidelines always overlook the 2 wheelers. We hope that having EV bikes out earlier, we would not be forgotten when these guidelines are being drawn as we try to move towards the green movement. Also, the boundaries of performance has been pushed with the introduction of performance electric vehicles. In general, when customers think of electric, they consider it a more economical mode of transport (which it is) but the Energica, after having tried it, really surpasses any performance motorcycle that is readily available. What is the targeted group of buyers you are looking to reach? EM: Understandably, the Energica is a bike that is in the higher-priced segment and appeals to the early adopters and those who are drawn by the performance and technology behind it. Do you see electric motorcycles as complementary to your existing business or will there be a shift in consumer consumption from gas to electric in the future? EM: Ifyni business is all about electric. We are a small enterprise that is fully focus on the electric business. Whether there is a shift, I think it's not an if but a when. In terms of motorcycles, I don't think it's a one or the other, I still feel the joy of that rumble between my legs on an ICE but as a rider, that exhilaration from the punch of a performance EV is really addictive. Basically, the ICE is what I hold dear, but the EV gives me that thrill. As the first high performance electric motorcycle distributor in Singapore, are you lobbying with LTA to similar incentives to e-motorcycles like they do EV cars? EM: One word - yes, definitely. (Ok that's 2 words) Are test rides available to the general public? EM: At the moment, due to the interest, we are basing it on invite only. Are pre orders open? And if so, when can customers expect delivery for the above models? EM: Yes they are! We are looking to supply from October onwards but it could be earlier base on the model booked. For interested buyers, how do they get their hands on one?! EM: Email to [email protected] Right now Energica doesn't have a showroom and will sell through the dealers. Are they any expansion plans for Ifnyi to expand out of Singapore at this stage? EM: We are always open to opportunities and the right partners should it present itself! There you have it, from the Boss Man himself! This is a very exciting time indeed for the motorcycling industry in Singapore, and the use-cases for EV motorcycles can range from sportbikes like those used for the FIM Enel MotoE™ championships, to delivery riders for when petrol would not contribute such a high running cost as charging your EV motorcycle should be quite a bit cheaper! We have articles coming on the in-depth review of the Energica EVA EsseEsse 9+ so do stay tune for that! What do you think of EV motorcycles? Do they have a place in our future? Let us know in the comments section below! For more information, check out: Ifyni Pte Ltd - http://www.ifyni.com/ Energica - https://energica.ifyni.com/
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    COE Expiry Date: 09-Oct-29 Trade-in or Loan available. A viewing will be at Dynasty Motor Pte [email protected] 50 Bukit Batok Street 23 #01-24 Midview Building S(659578) Tel: 9099 6609 ( Jacklyn)

    9,888.00 SGD

    Singapore, Singapore - SG

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    Registered 15-09-2020 COE expire 14-09-2030 COE value $7432 1 ownership Mileage 28k KM SELLING $12800. We provide flexible loan to accomodate to your budget!💪🏾 ✔️ $0 downpayment plan available ✔️ inclusive of insurance (to our food delivery Riders, we got you covered) ✔️Fast loan approval ✔️ We accept trade in & over trade ✔️ In house and bank loan available PM or contact Javier Eu: 91811291

    12,800.00 SGD

    Singapore, Singapore - SG

  8. Time Left: 5 months and 14 days

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    COE till Aug 2028 Accident Free Cash Only 8612 2247

    8,800.00 SGD

  9. Time Left: 5 months and 14 days

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    Option 1 : Looking at $13k for full cash payment Mileage 3X XXX(ongoing) - Regularly service every 3000km/3mnths - Akrapovic pipe with cert - Brembo rcs 19 masterpump - Integrated tail light - Bike well maintained - Bike register 2014 - COE feb 2024 renewable Will throw in stock end can and stock rear mudguard Rfs : Looking at 2b bike for work purposes More info or Fast Response can Whatsapp either 96454321 (Diniy) OR 86067245 (Yan)

    13,000.00 SGD

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    Coe ending on Feb 2030‼️ Bike well maintained, can see from photos or best, come down view to believe! Can provide refinance 📞TEXT/WHATSAPP GENEVIEVE @ 98244445

    1,000.00 SGD

    - SG

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    Hi all, selling my dear P150 that’s been converted to look like an original Sprint V. - Internal Condition: 10/10 - External Condition: 8/10 - COE: 31st Dec 2022 - NEA Rebate $3500 Eligible Have taken care of her for quite awhile now. Am very meticulous with maintenance and upkeep and she has been a reliable daily rider. Plus points: - Had a full engine overhaul. - Got a powerful Pinasco kit in there. - No leaks whatsoever. - Starts easy and rides easy. - Bridgestone Battlax front and back. - Yankee seat that’s comfy and perfect for 2. - New road tax just renewed. - IU under warranty. - Original Number Plate Do click on the link to get in touch and view: https://wa.link/m3tufl Happy to share what I know about Classic Vespas and how to care for one if you’re considering! Take care and ride safe 🙂

    5,800.00 SGD

    - SG

  12. So far SSDC is the only driving centre not to have been affected by the pandemic. Stay safe guys, and good luck for your 2A @Version001! Do you currently have a Class 2B motorcycle? Maybe you can ride it awhile longer while waiting for COE to drop.
  13. Yup, only 889 COEs available for Motorcycles (Cat D) for Aug to Oct 2021. There's a good chance we might see COE breaking 10k SGD! This also affects the used bike market so if you're in the market for new/used motorcycles, you are going to get affected. There really should be a separate scheme for motorcycles!
  14. The ComfortDelGro Driving Centre in Ubi, as well as its branch office and service points in Kovan and Tampines, are shut with immediate effect from today, the 15th of July 2021. "We were informed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) today that there are four Covid-19 cases linked to our driving centre. Accordingly, we have been directed to close our operations for two weeks," Ms Tammy Tan, ComfortDelGro's group chief branding and communications officer, told The Straits Times. The closure took place with immediate effect, it said in a Facebook post at 5pm. Statement issued on CDC's website According to a statement published just hours ago on the homepage of the driving centre that is located in Ubi: In accordance with the Ministry of Health's directives, ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (Ubi, Kovan and Tampines) will be temporarily closed with immediate effect, from now till 29 July 2021. Traffic Police Tests All Theory and Practical tests booked for the period from 4.25pm on 15 July to 29 July 2021 will be cancelled and fees will be refunded by the Traffic Police. Lesson Cancellation and Refund All physical lessons (practical, simulator, internal evaluation, eTrial test, 2B circuit training, 2A & 2 orientation, VPC and LDCS) that are scheduled at our Centre from 4.25pm on 15 July to 29 July 2021 will be automatically cancelled and lesson fees will be refunded into your store-value account. Automatic cancellations of these lessons will not affect your cancellation count. Online theory lessons will be conducted as scheduled. Driver Improvement Point System (DIPs) and Safe Driving Course (SDC) DIPs and SDC courses scheduled from 16 July to 29 July 2021 will be cancelled and the fees will be refunded into your store-value account. Please check online for the next available date. If you are affected by the Letter of Offer’s validity period, please approach the Traffic Police for an extension. eAppointment All eAppointments scheduled from now to 29 July 2021 will be cancelled. Membership extension for School and Private Learners As a gesture of goodwill, we will also automatically extend the membership of all learners by six months. This applies to all valid school and private learners’ membership. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and patience as we do the best we can to address your concerns via LiveChat and our online Enquiry Form during this period. We will continue to keep you updated through our Facebook and website should there be further developments. The ever familiar "Motorcycle Training Reporting Counter" It is not known if the closure will be extended once contact tracing measures begin and what steps the centre will be taking to disinfect the premises before it re-opens on the 30th of July. We will update this article as more information is released. If you have friends or family who are currently a leaner rider from CDC, please share this article with them to inform them! If you would like to know more, you can follow us on SingaporeBikes.com or our Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest news and happenings in the local motorcycle scene. Class 2 learner motorcycles located at CDC
  15. Following up on our 3 part series on what is the flagship product from Cardo, our dear friends over from @Farhan Tre and @ilyazar take to the YouTube screens to do an unboxing, first look, and overview of the Cardo Packtalk Bold - Distributed in Singapore exclusively by Chong Aik International Pte Ltd. Find out how it helps them on their vlogging journey, riding with friends, and ultimately these communication units will be one of their BEST accessories when the borders finally open and they resume their touring adventures! If you like what you see and want to get a set for yourself, check out the direct links below to see how you can purchase your very own set today! You can visit their Shopee links here to purchase and get them delivered right to your doorsteps! CARDO PACKTALK BOLD (JBL) DUO: https://shopee.sg/CARDO-Intercom-System-Packtalk-Bold-Duo-(Sound-by-JBL)-i.292911042.5348334741?fbclid=IwAR1fusXoLaX4NsLrhBbjeqrC8ItS_AQN4h63J08DC3LXV963P0GMzH_wNO0 As Cardo’s SOLE AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR in Singapore, Chong Aik provides: 3-Year Warranty (For Packtalk Black) 2-Year Warranty 1-to-1 exchange (For parts deemed faulty not due to wear and tear) *With proof of purchase: Invoice Cardo is distributed exclusively in Singapore by Chong Aik International Pte Ltd 45 Desker Road, Singapore 209576 Phone: (+65) 6294 2532/1 Open on: Mon-Fri: 09:00am-06:00pm / Sat: 09:00am-05:00pm If you've missed the previous review of this awesome communication unit by @TRI333PLE, do check out their video here:
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