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  1. SBF's post in FZ16-Repainting was marked as the answer   
    Wrapping you can go to 219, Juzz, or Auntie.
    219 Motorshop
    Address: 213 Lavender St, Singapore 338770
    Phone: 6297 7225
    Juzz Wheelzz Graphix Pte Ltd
    Address: 1007 Bukit Merah Lane 3, #01-07, Singapore 159721
    Phone: 6270 0523
    Share some pics when you are done!
  2. SBF's post in Is RIDING One handed allowed???!!!!! was marked as the answer   
    There is no penalty for riding one-handed, unless it is deemed to be "dangerous riding", for which then you could be awarded 12 or 24 demerit points.
    As long as you were in control of your motorcycle and not performing a stunt or weaving in and out of traffic, you should be fine.
    But please always keep both hands on the handlebar! Safety is most important!
    P.S. The TP didn't chase you down right?
  3. SBF's post in Shoei Helmets was marked as the answer   
    @EricCWZ Regina Specialties and some other physical shops do supply Shoei helmets but do take note that they are parallel importers. Chong Aik is the official exclusive Shoei distributor here in Singapore. Any reason why you are looking to purchase elsewhere other than Chong Aik?
    Chong Aik's Shoeis are PSB approved so no issues with TP or insurance claims down the road and they are backed by official Shoei manufacturer warranty. Also, they bring in the Asia-size fit that are usually more comfortable for our head sizes.
    Whether the savings of purchasing from a parallel importer are worth it to you, it will vary from individual. If you're looking at an official Shoei helmet however, go down to Chong Aik and mention SBF and the guys there will take care of you. Good luck!
  4. SBF's post in Legal Aftermarket Exhaust Systems? was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately, no.
    The exhaust approval process in Singapore (likewise for cars and bikes), are that the importer will have to request for all the necessary documents from the manufacturer - in your case "Cobra" to show all the technical, engineering, and emissions data that it is compliant for your bike.
    Secondly you will have to pay a hefty fee (i've heard anywhere from 3-5k?) to LTA to go through the homologation process. And there is no guarantee that the exhaust will be approved after that as LTA will do their own testing as well.
    That's why for rare bikes or bikes that people don't normally change exhausts, it is not worth the hassle or the fees involved in getting an exhaust set approved. Like your Honda Shadow.
    Even popular models like the current CB150R and Aerox do not even have LTA-approved exhaust systems available yet.
    They are many distributors in Singapore that are agents for exhaust system like:
    Titi Pte Ltd - Akrapovic Motoworld Singapore - Yoshimura Motovation - SC Project Etc On a brighter note.. I have heard instances that LTA approves the fitment of an aftermarket exhaust due to the old age of the bike and new OEM parts are not available anymore, but these are usually >20 or 30 years old vehicles.
    Good luck!
    P.S. I know of Shadow owners whom have changed to aftermarket illegal exhaust systems.. As the saying goes - want to scared don't mod, want to mod don't scared!
    P.P.S. Attaching a picture of a beautiful Titanium Akrapovic just to tempt you further hah.

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