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  1. The Suzuki Burgman Street is a 125cc maxi-scoot that you can afford. It's the Japanese brand's foray into a very competitive segment. The prime advantage that the Burgman has over its rivals is its price which is significantly less than the Yamaha NMax and Honda PCX. The Burgman is nearly 25% cheaper than many of its rivals, but it doesn't skip out on the ergonomics and features that make maxiscoots such an easy bike to ride. Will the lack of ABS, smart phone control, and rear disc brakes turn you away from this affordable everyday scooter? This might just be the perfect bike for a d
  2. One of Honda's players in the maxi-scoot segment is the 2020 PCX. Clad in white, and looking like it's wrapped in marble, the scooter is one of the most stylish in its segment minus a few things that we mention in the review. Priced at S$13,750 from Singapore Honda agent Boon Siew Honda, and equipped with a 150cc single-cylinder engine, and ABS, it promises exceptional value with good performance. Call Jinno picky as he nit picks a bit about some elements on the bike, but join him as he rides and reviews the Honda PCX on this episode of Beyond the Ride.
  3. One of the most compelling and affordable ways to break into the Adventure segment of motorcycles is now being reviewed on MotoDeal's Beyond the Ride. The KTM 390 Adventure is one heck of an adventure bike for the Asian market, but it's not without it's nuances. Join us as we review this 390 platform motorcycle that is manufactured in the Phillipines. Can the KTM 390 Adventure pick off where the BMW 310GS tried to start - but ultimately fail. Share your comments in the section below to let us know what you think of this video!
  4. The 2020 Vespa Sprint S 150 is a great scooter to review. On this episode of Beyond the Ride, we take a look at one of the most stylish offerings in Singapore's scooter category. For a premium price, you get a brand with heritage, and a pretty great scooter to boot. With a 155cc engine, it's no slouch and it's buttery smooth, but is it worth the price tag?
  5. One of the sexiest bikes to be launched in 2020, is the Yamaha XSR 155. All the good looks of its older brother but smaller and more manageable. This bike is sure to be a hit on Singapore's roads and will be a strong contender to the ever-popular Honda CB150R. Let me know what you think in the comments below!
  6. Please check out my review of the 2020 Yamaha NMAX 155 below. It is one of the most awaiting new scooter to be launched in 2020, which replaces the older generation and comes with many upgrades!
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