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  1. My year 2011 Tmax when crank no sound at all. Press the brake lever and electric starter no cranking sound at all. Press a few times then can start.(intermitten problem). What could have go wrong ?
  2. Black Tmax registered September 2011. Mileage : 52000 km Ermax sport windscreen Asking $15000. Market price for new sportTmax 530cc keyless now$ 28000. Those looking for downgrade may consider my offer. Interested sms me at 97402481
  3. Hi bro , Thinking to sell away my Tmax 500 cc registered in September 2011, what is the market rate now
  4. how much?????????????????????????????????????

  5. hi my name is ES....r u interested in autoglym wax product.now we have new product 4 motor bike..the pic is the bag of autoglym motorbike product...its is fully pack wit motorcycle leather cream,istant bike shine,motorcycle leather cleaner,super resin polish,motorcycle visor cleaner,motorcycle cleaner,motorcyle protectant,motorcycle degreaser,sponge & 8 pieces of perfect polishing cloth.so bikers can wash bike just bringing the fully pack autoglym bag n a pail of water.cool ryte.if interested just reply me n i will make the appointment for the sales man to mit u wit all the product price list & the DEMO..thanks..hope to hear from u soon.

  6. where to buy Hepco Becker top box ah and rack ah , price roughly how much????? wat the difference between givi one and hepco which one gooood

  7. where u stay ah brother, dont clash with me at tampines leh hee hee, ur autobots prime very fierce leh , u got sword de leh
  8. Mine is a 1 yr old spec3 FBA series, recently when on the last gear increasing speed all the way up to ard 6k rpm, i found out tat no response for 1 sec then can pick up the speed again , why ah??? like no oil like tat for tat split second then suddenly throttle a bit more, power regain, and this happpens not frequently. let say 3 out of 10 times only. Is it becasue i go caltex petrol station to wash my bike - the water jet too strong le ,make my spark plug wet then problem occurs ah, Before caltex wash no problem at all but after jet wash problem occurs.
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