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  1. bro have u tried those rear wheel roller like they sell at candy motor? does that work better or using a jackstand? im always worried the bike fall over. now i do manually by pushing the motorcycle front and back
  2. @TRI333PLE what are the competitors to this naked bike? not many at 70k sgd right?
  3. very helpful video bro, will share this with my friends currently taking their 2b license. good effort!
  4. pump 92 later engine blow or spoil will cost even more $$$.... better to just go with 95 for a peace of mind. 98 can reserve for those BMW or class 2 bikes like Ducati
  5. HJC approved from motorworld! got it at the buddy deal for $170.. don't want to deal with hassle with TP so just went ahead and got the PSB approved one.. but funny cos their high high end arai and shoei also no PSB approval
  6. in 1st gear.. your hand is suppose to be on the clutch anyway.. but for 2nd gear and upwards.. not suppose to be. your bike jerk likely because you up-gear too early and the rpms are too low @Neymarz
  7. bro @Prince8878 i think the bike is more important rather than the place that u purchase from. basically you must like the bike, make sure it's in good condition, and also have proper servicing records. you can get better price from private seller.. as there is no dealer markup from dealer side.. u probably will get abit of aftersales support but then again there are a lot of horror stories regarding dealers.. so maybe not. if private seller, u have to arrange for loan / transfer yourself. dealer side more like a 1 stop shop. u can look at places like carousell or here on s
  8. is the "Arai" raincoat and pants set like those sold at Lim Ah Boy authentic arai? i've always wondered..
  9. much cheaper to get 2nd hand.. sidecar bikes don't hold value very well in sg. unless u really insist on new, otherwise i would recommend to get 2nd hand, some are very well kept and as good as brand new @Yeoek
  10. no legal exhaust yet too for xsr155, same as the cb150r.. btw bros that got your xsr155, what made u choose it over the cb150r? when i bought my bike there was no xsr155 yet, only the mt-15 at that time, otherwise likely i will go with the xsr155 too
  11. at least xmax got option for aftermarket exhaust.. guys in the cb150r group have been waitin for a legal exhaust forever and unlikely it is ever coming......
  12. singapore should have an auto class for scooter riders who are not looking for a manual bikes. will allow many more people to get interested in motorcycles and maybe more lady riders also. they have the class 3a for the car, so why not class 2/2b/2a auto for motorcycle riders.. i know of many friends that just want to get a auto scooter but not deal with manual gear changing
  13. jb to pump petrol, wash bike, and eat for sure! miss the 1:3 petrol prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Baikk ah bro..... thinking about the new nmax too it's damn handsome looking with the new lights. for running around or delivery its also easier than my current manual bike. can i ask bro where u did the white letter tyre writing? quality looks good man
  15. Our minister just said that news will be announced soon on phase 3 work arrangement... Anyone looking forward to go back to work? Not me for sure.......................
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