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  1. Caltex 465 at 465 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368183 No longer doing motorcycle wash right? If i remember correctly. Do you guys have any place in mind for a simple wash?
  2. Thank you for your reply. It is true that most phones are waterproof already..this is more of touching it while hands and surface are wet.. usually u accidentally touch something else.. i.e close the map
  3. Hi all. My brother has been doing delivery work in the rain lately and he have problem accessing his phone when his phone and/or fingers are wet. Do you guys have any good recommendation? Would like to get one for him. Those pouches with zip tend to get condensation inside or water sips in (low quality)
  4. I see. Do you already know the time limit for doing so? I.e 3 days to 1 week before expiry? Frankly speaking, scraping the bike before expiry date (a week or 2) is okay. So long no need to pay additional admin fees I think is worth while. A saving is a saving.
  5. Generally.. Loud pipe doesn't save lives with road users having the mentality of "I have my right of way" and of course, with the academically test result from the above. However it does save lives to a certain extend. i.e Loud pipe, provided quality ones (wink wink), do project a significant amount of sound vibration that can be penetrate to most modern vehicles (Unless there is a vacuum layer, which I don't think there is any) even from a distance to the front. Not sure if it is a reason why our local SCDF ambulances have changed their siren to low frequency strong vibration sound but t
  6. Hi Lee, I am supposed you can also ride it down to the scrapyard? or do you need a vendor to do it?
  7. Scooter Narcotics are commonly spoken I guess. Heard a few times but have not drop by. So far a couple of times, I have been to J's Motor somewhere in the North (woodlands area)
  8. It is affecting to a certain extend (i.e causing traffic to slow down suddenly). Which might in turn, causes unnecessary accident, etc. One might also argue that keeping safety distance is part of road user responsibility but an accident is an accident, an injury is an injury.
  9. School of thought.. Healthy competition = better for mankind... so we will not be status quo in technology and pricing.. More monopoly = bigger moat for new kid to join in... Hopefully more players will come in from the west (Lyft, doordash, bla bla bla)
  10. Where do you do your 1) Minor servicing? i.e Oil change, belt change, interior cleand and lube, etc 2) Major servicing? i.e Valve clearance, timing belt change, etc
  11. From the looks of a TMAX you are likely to experience similar situation. I am 181cm tall with i dunno what inseam.. I too having problem to flat foot both legs (sitting at the comfortable spot) on my XMAX. Unless i move forward, which will put pressure to my groin.. is flat footing very important to you? I know some delivery riders need to flat foot often to "peddle" through stationary traffic and tight foot paths, etc.
  12. That is true.. and that is quite unfortunate too.. Oh well.. guess we can only organize mini groups.. Do hit me up if you guys have 4 pax and I can join in!
  13. Will there be a meet up? Quite frankly, after riding my XMAX for almost a year now.. haven been socializing with similar bikers.. haha
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