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  1. Yeah if get caught gg esp for delivery riders, a fine can be the cost of the whole day's earnings :')
  2. I'm sure ourselves as delivery riders have experienced a lot of things coming from the customers, vendors and even the dispatchers. Share your experiences here! From my experience, the one I remember most was sending 5 cups of bubble tea in a single plastic bag. As soon as I hand it over to the customer, 3 of the cups inside the bag bursts lmao. Felt bad and told the customer to call the vendor if they could do replace the drinks and they said yes so I went back to the vendor and delivered it back to them. The customer was kind enough to give me a $6 tip
  3. Rivervale plaza now should be categorised under "Pay and Pay" category
  4. That's a nice bike dude! nice color choice
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