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  1. Hey y'all, courtesy and a huge thanks to Auto Exchange, a sponsor of both for myself & SBF, I've tried out the Yamaha MT-15 and give my review of it from a personal perspective!
  2. We've received a lot of PMs from fellow riders to share our thoughts & opinions on the recent saga. Me & Ilyazar Ilyas recorded a video podcast. We declare that this is the final nail in the coffin. Motorbike culture in Singapore is dead....
  3. This actually looks good!! Great on Honda for finally adapting to the current design language!
  4. We actually interviewed an owner of the Grom. Have a look!
  5. As a former LTA traffic marshal, I always see that accident victims are very venerable and can't think straight. Touters, insurance agents, passer-byes, scammers, and even the other party who is at fault will take advantage of the situation. Sometimes, during an RTA, I would try to help, but the victims have made their own decisions instead. -Remain calm. -If in minor RTA and you are pretty fine and no one is seriously injured, do not talk to anyone else, even the other party unless is to exchange particulars -Insist the other party to exchange particulars (If refuse to exchange, take
  6. Buying a motorcycle can be quite a costly and daunting commitment. In this video podcast, Farhan, Zar and Fizo gave our thoughts and opinions on the types of motorbike financing in Singapore.
  7. Individual preference I guess. Maybe those riding the big bikes are just earning extra cash and also that's all they have. I would say however that doing delivery on a Class 2 sports bike isn't that practical...
  8. XMAX need not worry about parts or breakdown as the bike is also available in Malaysia & Thailand. Do it! The underseat storage is very useful for such a trip!
  9. Me and Zar are well known in the Singapore motorcycle scene for riding our small Class 2B bikes, a Honda CBF150 and a Honda CB190X Tourism into Thailand & Laos and Laos for 21 days and overcame a breakdown and accident. In this video, Me and Zar reflect back on our trip and gave our thoughts as we recall the trip of a lifetime for us. We hope that the borders open again once more and go further and longer in upcoming trips.
  10. Me and Zar were very very lucky to have met veteran rider, Khaliff to review his Honda Goldwing GL1800, Honda's flagship. He shares with us his experiences with it and why he got such a motorbike. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe to our channel!
  11. In this review, we collaborated with Fuji Motovlogs and reviewed his Kawasaki 1400GTR. He shares with us his experience and the reason on why he got this rare sports tourer.
  12. Our very first post in Singapore Bikes Forum. Farhan & Zar met up with Khai and Shahrul, owners of a KTM RC 390 and KTM 200 respectively and talked to them about their experiences with their machines. Is the KTM RC a "sick bike" as many riders assume it to be? ~Farhan Tre'
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