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  1. Review of the TUYU motorcycle helmet chin mount.
  2. Top speed test run on the 2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. #topspeed #kawasaki #ninja
  3. Checking out the HD Iron 883 custom accessories and exhaust.
  4. Review of the Alpinestars Copper motorcycle gloves.
  5. Review of the Maspo hard case motorcycle bag.
  6. thesighbored

    Urban Ride

    Riding in the urban jungle.
  7. Compilation of scenes while riding in the urban jungle. #motorcycle #random #compilation
  8. Follow the series as The Cleaner from 66SpeedBike shares technical knowledge regarding motorcycles and riding. This time he discusses CAM chain tensioner. #motorcycle #technical #talk
  9. For those that are wondering what is practical exam to get a Malaysia B class motorcycle license. #motorcycle #license #exam
  10. Quick test ride onboard the 2021 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory and the Aprilia RS 660. #aprilia #apriliars660 #testride
  11. Reviewing the Master Chief styled helmet. #mthelmets #streetfighter #review
  12. One of the best looking scooters gets a full restoration. This is the final episode, you can check out the earlier episodes to see the past progress that led to this final completion. #suzuki #twostroke #v100
  13. Dyno runs and engine tuning seems to be all the craze of recent times. So when is a dyno and engine tune needed? #motovlog #motovlogger
  14. Possibly (still) the best looking scooter (in my opinion) gets a full complete restoration. #suzuki #v100 #restore
  15. Ranting about MCO 2.0 and annual "kena paw" for insurance & road tax.
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