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  1. @Keynes gd pt... can-am is my dream bike but really not practical in sg roads
  2. good to see agent bringing in approved exhaust for 2b bikes..... use to be very rare.... but at 1.6k seems like very expensive, almost 15% of the bike price!
  3. @XHippo how much do you need to lower it by? if not by too much.. i recommend u to go to a saddle shop like Eugene Saddlery or 219 or auntie to shave the seat..... u can lower via suspension or mods but it will shorten the lifespan of the suspension
  4. @Boy88 cheapest would be to buy new coverset....... if u have a colour in mind already unless u want custom colour or stickers.. paint job at least 500$.. coverset maybe 2-300 only from malaysia.. u can try looking on carousell
  5. wow interesting statistics........ i thought most people will go to 2a/2... more than half dont go pass 2b.. maybe they need it for simple commuting on a 2b bike? but the 2a people funny, should just go ahead and complete class 2!!
  6. im very curious too... hope you get a reward for fixing LTA's mistake...
  7. holy crap how did your forks become like that? sorry i would not know how to fix it, but a simple and quick fix could be going to a wrap shop to wrap the forks, they might have the anodized gold colour so the forks will look same. gl!
  8. using normal tyres somemore!!
  9. who said xmax can't go off road? power this xmax shared by my thai friends.. maybe can outrun my DRZ also..
  10. hello everybody now covid so really have to 'dare to ride alone' hahaha
  11. @Chesticles which sounds better? i think that is a big determining factor when choosing exhaust.. the cb400 sounds damn good man................ dont think i've heard a better sounding class 2a bike the moriwaki shorty not nice leh.......... the yoshimura r77 much nicer..
  12. wah i think other than number 1 this should be one of the most expensive plates ard
  13. these type won't last long in business... word gets around.. especially nowadays social media..... hate this type of black shops!! safety should be #1 priority for ridings like us!! do u still rent or you have your own cbr150r now?
  14. @nanunanu panjang garage.. plenty of FZs there.. reasonable and they don't change parts that are not necessary Panjang Motorcycle Garage Motorcycle shop in Singapore Located in: Paya Ubi Industrial Park Address: 53 Ubi Avenue 1 #03-37 Paya Ubi Industrial Park, 408934
  15. hi @helpmeimshort.. very cute nickname.. i love it.. yes i would encourage u to go for it... learning how to ride a bike is a good skill whether u intend to ride in future or not.. there is no height too short so not to worry about it.. i've seen girls 150cm that learning to ride bike in learning centre.. and heard of some people 140+ also riding bike.. when you pass.. u can try and get a honda grom or msx125 which we smaller bikes if you are worried about height.. bbdc has the smaller bikes.. but you must go early to reserve.. if you are serious about learning.. u have to dedicate y
  16. wow, super detailed and comprehensive.. thnx bro @biting_point. do u still have your drz? still one of the best scramblers around.. wonder why suzuki dont make a new one
  17. how did it go bro? tp 18th feb is pretty quick.. i thought the wait times were much longer than that! @laviz
  18. 18L fuel tank right? assuming the light comes on when you have 10% left.. 16.2L for 190km = 11.7km/l yes that is pretty low.. how is the bike running? running smooth ? any lack of power? have you done a major servicing yet? air filter/spark plugs/reset ECU @exygon
  19. @S651hbf thnx for sharing, i find that it is normal to be taken for a ride but bike shops when u r just starting out.. u have to visit a few until you find one that u r comfortable with... everyone have their own prefered bike shop and as they say.. "opinions r like a**hol*s.. everyone has one.." the problem is when u change new bike.. and your bike shop is not familiar with that particular model.. then u have to start the search all over again......... bikeworks specialise in race bikes.. waste garage specialises in vespa, so on and so forth.........
  20. hello DRZ owners!!!!! welcome!!!! is there enough of us to get this thread going again?? lol. share some of your mods? @exygon @roy69 did you get your drz yet?
  21. seems like more and more bike wash closing down.. the famous one i go to at [email protected] also just closed down as not able to get renew lease from SAFRA.. at least the old uncles can retire which area r u staying at?
  22. my problem is with mud usually.. not so much water.. lol. riding gloves and a damp towel kept on the handlebar is useful to wipe off any excessive water or mud..
  23. common problem for new owners.. took me 3 months to get used to my drz as i was riding a scooter before that.. maintenance and upkeep very different.. also had to look for new workshop that specialize in drz
  24. @superskareb ahh bro i can't make it on the 30th. sounds good man...... i can ask my friends if they want to join u but they are not riding dirt bikes.. u think normal naked bike can make the trail? please take lots of pics to share with us.. will join u for the next one!! ride safe!
  25. but have u checked the TP test dates? i heard from my cousin taking 2b now that the dates are months and months away
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