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  1. On 2/21/2021 at 10:30 AM, Keynes said:

    LTA should limit the mass of 2-wheelers to 400 kg, and 3-wheelers to 500 kg, then Can Am Spyders will thrive in Singapore. 

    But I guess since 3-wheelers (especially Can Am Spyders) do not alleviate traffic congestion like 2-wheelers do, there is no incentive to allow 3-wheelers to thrive on Singapore roads, they add to congestion. :)

    @Keynes gd pt... can-am is my dream bike but really not practical in sg roads

  2. On 2/23/2021 at 11:12 AM, XHippo said:


    Is there anyone that have the height of 150cm to 155cm bought R15 V3 and do modification to adjust the height to lowest?

    What are the modification did?

    Does it affect the bike performance in terms of safety etc?

    Any advice?

    @XHippo how much do you need to lower it by? if not by too much.. i recommend u to go to a saddle shop like Eugene Saddlery or 219 or auntie to shave the seat..... u can lower via suspension or mods but it will shorten the lifespan of the suspension

  3. 18 hours ago, westcoastbestcoast said:

    wow interesting statistics........ i thought most people will go to 2a/2... more than half dont go pass 2b.. maybe they need it for simple commuting on a 2b bike?

    but the 2a people funny, should just go ahead and complete class 2!!

  4. 7 hours ago, westcoastbestcoast said:

    That's why I think the sign is possibly incorrect -- everyone is doing the opposite! No lorry could fit through that tiny space. I'm 80% sure that what they really meant to say was, "No right turn, vehicles exceeding 2500kg". 

    I've written to LTA to ask for clarification! Will update if I get a response.

    im very curious too... hope you get a reward for fixing LTA's mistake... 

  5. On 2/24/2021 at 3:29 PM, flfreaks said:

    Hi guys, first time owner DRZ 400 here. My upper fork is oxidized, I am thinking about coating it. Usually how many days the workshop can coat it and the price range? And can i retain the original gold color when coating it. One of the workshop quoted me at least 1 week due it need 5 days of air curing and price is up to $180 for both sides. And retain original gold shine color is not possible as cerakote color is matte. And he didnt recommend wrapping  because it will make oxidized worsen if the wrap is peeled off. If you have any advise and recommended workshop please let me know too, thanks.



    holy crap how did your forks become like that?

    sorry i would not know how to fix it, but a simple and quick fix could be going to a wrap shop to wrap the forks, they might have the anodized gold colour so the forks will look same. gl!

  6. On 1/31/2021 at 12:00 AM, Chesticles said:

    Hi! I'm new here too and I just saw this so idk if you still need the answers but here's a rough sense of what I know. I ride with a yoshi R77 slip on, came with the bike when I bought but I've tried my friends' super 4s with the stock and moriwaki shorty too.

    To the layman I don't think it makes much of a difference in terms of feel when you ride in Singapore. The slip on definitely doesn't have any effect on the performance of the bike but the full system would theoretically allow the engine to "breathe out" better but that's just the general consensus of aftermarket exhausts (p sure there are many articles and videos on this for more details). Many sites also say that the stock exhaust is technically designed specifically for the bike so it should provide the best performance. Ultimately it will be up to you as the rider!

    @Chesticles which sounds better? i think that is a big determining factor when choosing exhaust.. the cb400 sounds damn good man................ dont think i've heard a better sounding class 2a bike

    the moriwaki shorty not nice leh..........


    the yoshimura r77 much nicer..

    See the source image

  7. On 1/29/2021 at 8:42 PM, nanunanu said:

    As above topic looking for shop that good on fz repair.i tried shop at kaki bukit they tried to pull some trick on me

    @nanunanu panjang garage.. plenty of FZs there.. reasonable and they don't change parts that are not necessary

    Panjang Motorcycle Garage
    Motorcycle shop in Singapore
    Located in: Paya Ubi Industrial Park
    Address: 53 Ubi Avenue 1 #03-37 Paya Ubi Industrial Park, 408934

  8. On 1/31/2021 at 6:34 PM, helpmeimshort said:


    so basically im 150cm short and fat (idk if that plays a part) and i rlly want to learn how to ride a bike 😭

    ive been bugging my mom just to get a license but everyone is generally worried about how i wont be able to even get onto the bike. 

    ive heard about how there are shorter bikes available at the centres but im still worried that i still wont be able to get on 😞

    should i still try?? im a very very shy person and reading the stories of people falling off the bike n shit rlly discourages me bc i easily get paiseh

    side note : i can ride a bicycle so mayb idk i can balance better? does that even help??

    hi @helpmeimshort.. very cute nickname.. i love it..

    yes i would encourage u to go for it... learning how to ride a bike is a good skill whether u intend to ride in future or not.. there is no height too short so not to worry about it.. i've seen girls 150cm that learning to ride bike in learning centre.. and heard of some people 140+ also riding bike.. when you pass.. u can try and get a honda grom or msx125 which we smaller bikes if you are worried about height..

    bbdc has the smaller bikes.. but you must go early to reserve.. if you are serious about learning.. u have to dedicate yourself for the next 4-12 months to go for lessons and pass your 2b eventually..

    falling is part and parcel so nothing to be paiseh about.. others are also learning and falling is nothing to be shameful about.. people will respect you for your perserverence!

    yes can ride bicycle will help with the balancing... i hope you decide to go ahead but pls ride safe!! 

  9. On 1/21/2021 at 10:12 AM, laviz said:

    Haven't pass...I am stuck at lesson 3. Hopefully I can pass today and book TP on 18th Feb. 

    how did it go bro? tp 18th feb is pretty quick.. i thought the wait times were much longer than that!


  10. On 1/21/2021 at 1:18 PM, exygon said:

    Any CBR riders still active here? Bought a 13 model a few months ago. My low fuel starts to blink at 180km to 190km for normal riding in sg. Is that consider very low? 

    18L fuel tank right? assuming the light comes on when you have 10% left.. 

    16.2L for 190km = 11.7km/l

    yes that is pretty low.. how is the bike running? running smooth ? any lack of power? have you done a major servicing yet? air filter/spark plugs/reset ECU


  11. 20 hours ago, S651hbf said:

    I spoiled my gearshift pedal when I knocked into a curb and just went to the first motorshop I could find at Bukit Merah area,  I changed my engine oil, deformed gearshift pedal,  battery and seat cover for I think 100+ ( not more than 150), I subsequently changed a normal duty chain to a heavy-duty chain but the price I paid for comparing to shopee was overpriced (by 100% more). Honestly not trying to be a cynic but I always think these shops will makan u if they think u new, it's the nature of wanting to earn profits easily, best to learn yourself and hands on abit.

    Sorry I didn't give u an answer, only way is to try different shop for the same product and compare price, and the uncle might be friendly but if he makan u without knowing u won't ever know so basically them being nice doesn't mean they will give good price n all 

    @S651hbf thnx for sharing, i find that it is normal to be taken for a ride but bike shops when u r just starting out.. u have to visit a few until you find one that u r comfortable with... everyone have their own prefered bike shop and as they say.. "opinions r like a**hol*s.. everyone has one.."

    the problem is when u change new bike.. and your bike shop is not familiar with that particular model.. then u have to start the search all over again.........

    bikeworks specialise in race bikes.. waste garage specialises in vespa, so on and so forth.........

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  12. On 1/18/2021 at 11:04 PM, Cheong said:


    So the real, real problem was, I did not know my bike well. As i just took over the bike, and when i could not get it running in the morning when i was going to work, i started to panic a little. Conclusion is; it was just cold start. Now that i know my bike better, i have no problem in starting it at all.

    Lesson learnt: Know your bike well. It is important for maintenance purpose as well as safety. 

    Add on: Tiger is actually quite a good ride. My feeling is; it is like a mini Super4...the feeling compared to Yamaha YBR (125) is really incomparable. Tiger can easily cruise at 110km/h..and the stability is great.


    common problem for new owners.. took me 3 months to get used to my drz as i was riding a scooter before that.. maintenance and upkeep very different.. also had to look for new workshop that specialize in drz

  13. On 1/9/2021 at 11:09 PM, laviz said:

    Thanks guys. Yea I was asking for the lessons availability.  But anyways I had problem with SSDC enrolment and didn’t want to waste anymore time waiting so I end up enrolling at bbdc. 

    my friend enrolled SSDC for 2a. He got lucky and manage to grab a few trysell lesson which are days apart. But sometimes have to wait up to 2 weeks. 

    As for bbdc so far I’m able to attend 3 lessons within a week. Actually more if I had the time because there seems to be always Pple selling their booked lesson. If not, the frequency is maybe just 3 to 5 days between lessons. 

    but have u checked the TP test dates? i heard from my cousin taking 2b now that the dates are months and months away

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