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  1. so if u want a canopy, your option is either Adiva or nothing? is there any other bikes that come with canopy/roof in singapore?
  2. do NOT NOT NOT run without filter. if u have no filter please put back 1 asap. @zen9er if your bike is running fine then fingers cross no damage.. u wont be able to know unless u open up the engine but no point if the bike is running fine......
  3. Singamoto @ KF1 track.. normally they do races but i think they have started a training class that happens weekly. anyone knows any details?
  4. for sure count me in bro.. thanks for all the info u have shared here. very helpful. i regret never take more pictures of my bike in cool places like yours.. once the border open for sure i will take more pictures. do u bring any spares like tubes or chain when u go exploring in the forest? i am worried about breakdowns, etc
  5. what about 92 bro? i see some bikes the recommended fuel at 92 ron is enough. should we pump 92 or 95?
  6. i pump 92 for my bikes because that is what the manual recommend. i know of friends that pump 98 because they want to keep the bike in the best condition but i follow what the manual recommends.. unless i go jb to pump or if im going trail then i will pump 97 at petronas
  7. power la who said aerox got no power hahaha. shared from biker whatsapp group 46853211_207474110967999_9048666968326203464_n.mp4
  8. sometimes we r stuck in the situation we have no choice. what to do but 'lan lan' and pay lor since we have no choice.. just bear in mind to avoid them in future.. there are many listed here so have many options to choose from Siva Towing is quite popular...... a lot of trackies and overlanders use him
  9. the green tank with brown saddle goes very well together. really nice bike
  10. 1) park your bike in the open with high traffic 2) cover your bike with cover if possible 3) put multiple locks (handlebar, disc brake lock, chain lock, etc) 4) do some research (here in SBF) to see where are the thieves hotspot and avoid those areas at all cost. they target singapore plate bikers
  11. easier to lube chain and do some minor work without needing paddock stands which cost more than this dolly anyway
  12. saw this cool contraption on facebook but seller is located all the way in malaysia. anyone knows where to get this in singapore? malaysia side selling for 580myr (~190sgd?) pretty cool to move the bike around when parked without taking it off the main stand. want to get this for my father's bike as he is older now not so convenient for him to move the bike around
  13. ya but only 2b license right? unless he own big bike before and can proof ownership that is longer than 1 year. btw did he have to do the riding simulator when he convert his license? or just do the theory test? actually if they have a singapore driving license and a australia motorcycle license, still need to do theory test? cos to have the singapore driving license need to have already pass the theory test
  14. yes possible. i have friend who have license in australia and malaysia came back and able to convert. but they will only give you class 2b license unless u prove ownership of a >200cc bike for more than a year or something like that. if u r going overseas to study, or live part time in malaysia.. u can consider the above methods
  15. usually for food delivery if just in and out in 15 mins, u can try rubbish bin centre, loading bay, or pavement/grass. just keep a lookout for where the other delivery kakis are parking at
  16. 2 stroke more torque... 4 stroke believed to be lower maintenance (no need 2t) 4 stroke usually more electronics more things to go wrong. 2 stroke if u r mechanically strong and take care of the bike, it should last a long long long time RXZ is very popular still on sg roads for that reason
  17. xsr 155 you get all the looks of its bigger brother without the running cost of a class 2 bike. xsr155 gets my vote as well. but of course you dont get the power also la hahaha
  18. @AnO sorry to hear about your situation brother.. you can approach most bike shop to see if they are willing to trade in your bike for a one of lesser value so that you can take some cash back (depends if you have loan outstanding or not) or you could just try to sell your bike here in the bikemart or something. actually u dont have to get a 2b bike to start doing food delivery... you can sign up now and start doing with a bicycle or even your class 2 bike to start earning some income first.. may i know what class 2 bike u riding now?
  19. @gn1251 u cannot just transfer a bike plate. it has to be on a bike. 1) u transfer your bike to new owner new owner retain your number plate ($1300) new owner of plate transfer bike back to you this is the quickest/cheapest way but your bike transfer count will +2 if new owner puts the plate on a brand new bike, LTA will refund $1200.. if new owner puts the plate on a used bike.. LTA no refund 2) you retain the number plate on your end approach a dealer to transfer a bike to you (they usually charge $500) you transfer the bike to the new plate
  20. nice picz bro.. do u have any DRZ friends? maybe we can go explore in JB together once borders r opened.. very sian stucked in sg. wat r the tyres you r running on the bike? looks grippy but also able to use on road? i find the tyres good off road.. when on road very very noisy, hard to find an in between tyre
  21. ya cb190 cheap tat's y many ppl buy.. but heard many horror stories from my friends riding the cb190. if this xsr has a 300 or 400 model coming to sg it might b my next bike. damn chio sia
  22. kawasaki agent in singapore is evershine co.. but no comments la hear from other bikers they dont really care about their kawasaki customers. v wasted cos kawasaki is a good bike but not much aftersales support in sg. u can try contact them: Blk 176 Sin Ming Drive, Sin Ming Auto Care #01-21 & 22 S(575721) +65-6456 9978
  23. yes planet motor is my go to workshop also.. seen tw200 there many times. not much electronic so should be a simple job for them. what r u looking to do? normal servicing or big repair? i was riding tw200 before my drz too
  24. i go to kong heng to do my header last time, not cheap but good quality of work. tell them u dun want rust they will be able to choose the right plating for u. they're located at amk st 64 block 5 if im not wrong
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