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  1. @snsd555 No reason, actually thought the 4 i listed should be cheaper in price, also considering the Yamaha Fino. I might be wrong. im still looking around. I wanted something which don't burn my pocket. And if the bike is down or whatsoever the spares are easily available locally.
  2. @JJBuBBle Thank for the reply! Guess i will have to test drive all the 4 bike before deciding which one I'm most comfortable with.. 1. Yes, I guess i will take my class 2A then 2 eventually. Let' see... 2. Thanks! will do that. Is there any website for forums you able to point me to.. or its from any bike shop which i have to enquire at.? i guess i will find that out..no worries 3. YES! YES! storage is so important. omg i overlook that part. I will get the bike with the most compartment... been looking at them. Auto or manual? wah tough...i love manual cars..
  3. Hey guys! I need your recommendation. Considering to get a scooter once i finish my TP in 2mths. I'm new to the bike scene and looking for a fuel-efficient, low spare part cost and comfortable scooter. I shortlisted these four which would you recommend: 1. Scomadi TL200 Turismo Leggera 2. Gilera ST200 Runner 3. Yamaha Aerox 155 4. Yamaha NMax 155 I'm leaning more towards the scomadi, looks cool and retro. :D. But as a Singaporean, got to be practical and cost savy and I'm a new rider. Don't want to burn my pocket. Also should I get a Brand New or 2nd hand. If 2nd hand how
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