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  1. 19 hours ago, JJBuBBle said:

    @AnO Due 5 month, you will need to calculate the outstanding settlement plus overdue interest charges and put up for sale. If outstanding is too high, you may need to let the bike shop sell it off and continue to pay off the outstanding.
    You dont have much option and only choice to me is to let go of the bike as soon as possible and free yourself from the debt in long run..

    Noted bro, will really consider it. Tqsm

  2. 23 hours ago, DRZ_b0i said:

    @AnO sorry to hear about your situation brother.. you can approach most bike shop to see if they are willing to trade in your bike for a one of lesser value so that you can take some cash back (depends if you have loan outstanding or not)

    or you could just try to sell your bike here in the bikemart or something.

    actually u dont have to get a 2b bike to start doing food delivery... you can sign up now and start doing with a bicycle or even your class 2 bike to start earning some income first.. 

    may i know what class 2 bike u riding now?

    Thanks bro.. Currently Hayabusa bro. 

  3. Hi All, will need u guys advise n suggestions.. 

    Due to family and financial issues, I'm now stucked and have not being able to pay my instalments which have already exceed 5 mths currently. Its really worrying and I'm feeling helpless. 

    Is it possible for me to sell or trade in the current bike (class2) to class 2B bikes with the current situation? Bt which shop is willing to take?

    Getting a 2B bike I could sign up for Food Panda or Grab Food as part-time so as to help out with my current financial matters. 

    What do u think? Pls advise.. 

    Thank u in advance.. 😞

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