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  1. just a heads up to all bros here.. saw on xmax groupchat that naked handlebar actually failed inspection at JIC jurong.. this is one of the most popular mods for xmax and even nmax.. maybe authorities are starting to clamp down now. although some bros managed to pass at viacom changi or sin ming.. seems like depends on the tester and also the centre u go to. from group chat p.s if u need stock setup.. can try to go to gusto bro.. they do a lot of naked handlebar setup should have some spare stock parts lying around.. or borrow from your friend to pass inspection while you slowly try to find back stock parts good luck my xmax bros
  2. new 2021 grom out liao... i think the old model looks better.. @Farhan Tre maybe u can review the new model when boon siew bring it in
  3. good point... just appeal if they really threaten to revoke.. but make sure to display your p-plate properly at all times!!! u have a case cos the first time is "improper display" and not "no display of p plate"
  4. looks like mini harley davidson.. cool bike
  5. @parkingcycle101 bro have u tried asking the buildings around if they have season parking for motorcycle? i think m hotel has season for motorbikes but it is across the road.....
  6. amazon or shopee has those suspension adjustment tool...... if you are only going to use it once, i recommend you go to a shop to do it professionally unless you want to spend some time fine tuning the suspension.... the tool itself isn't expensive so if u have DIY skills u can consider to buy and do yourself amazon: Amazon.com: YHMTIVTU Universal Motorcycle Shock Spanner Wrench Shock Adjustment Tool: Automotive shopee: Motorcycle Shock Absorber Shocker Suspension C Spanner Adjusting Tool Wrench | Shopee Malaysia make sure it is the right size unless you buy adjustable one......... for paddock stand.. i saw at candy motors.. i think $100 for the unbranded one.. $180 for R&G paddock stand (looks and build better) make sure your bike come with rear bobbins at the axle so that u can use the paddock stand.. best to ride your bike down to show them.... good luck @CharlieJuliet96
  7. bro @JJBuBBle is right... i drive and i also ride... when i ride... all bikers are gracious and friendly.. but once when i get into a car, due to enclose metal box, u always feel like u r "higher" than bikers.. dont give face.. we are all guilty of this from time to time.. but luckily i ride so i always understand how bikers feel
  8. reminds me of 烈火戰車 and make me feel like andy lau
  9. Finally passed my Class 2 at CDC yesterday, weather was good, total group about 30 pax. Understand from instructor there is another Class 2/2A TP test today. Very rare to have twice a week but due to huge backlog from COVID lockdown, they have had to run more TP test dates. Not sure if same for the other driving centres also or not.. 10 people taking Class 2, remaining 20 taking Class 2A. From what i notice.. Class 2 (10 pax) - 1 absent, 2 failures, 7 passes Class 2A (20 pax) - 0 absent, 5 failures, 15 passes Just want to share / record my cost and experience here.. Had to log in to my CDC before they updated the results because once you pass TP, they log you out of the system and you will be unable to log in again. I took 2 tries to pass TP.. If you can clear in 1 try then it might be slightly cheaper. Total cost (this is for Comfort Driving Centre): Registration fee - $10 Enrolment fee - $85.60 Class 2 orientation (compulsory) - $38.52 Class 2 lesson 1 - $41.73 (pass on 1st try) Class 2 lesson 2 - $38.52 (pass on 1st try) Class 2 lesson 3 - $41.73 (pass on 1st try) Bike simulator 1 - $26.54 Bike simulator 2 - $26.54 Bike simulator 3 - $26.54 Circuit revision - $41.73 TP test 1 (failed) - $69.55 + $33 (warm up + actual test) Re-training (compulsory if fail TP) - $38.52 Circuit revision - $41.73 TP test 2 (passed) - $69.55 + $33 (warm up + actual test) Others (top up fee) - $0.90 X 2 TOTAL - $664.60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never expected Class 2 to cost so much and this is with passing every lesson 1st try but TP 2 times. Even with perfect record (if pass TP 1st time)... the CHEAPEST cost to get Class 2 license will be $480.90!!!!!!!!! I was reading old threads here in the past.... Class 2A/2 if you clear all one time can be as cheap as 100+ or 200+.. The cost has indeed increase by ALOT!!! Of course the new compulsory simulator sessions didn't help....... They cost $26.54 each. Anyone else taking Class 2 at the other centres... or can remember how much you spent in the past? Getting license in Singapore now is really expensive!! Btw to all taking their license... Good luck..... Complete your journey..... And you will get there eventually!! Anyway.. finally pass liao.... don't have to go back to driving school ever!!!!!!!!
  10. @kokseng_wong oh maybe they change already... i probably quite abit older than u hahahaha
  11. sounds like a nightmare.......................... are they cheap at least?
  12. @icysapphir3 the $12 only include wash + drying? do u know how much they charge for chain lube? asking for a friend
  13. how much for front + rear pair for XMAX? PM pls thnx!!
  14. @An_idiot you make a very strong case for the MT03.. actually i rode the MT03 when taking Class 2A at CDC... it really is a good bike. in fact for sg roads i would take the MT03 over the class 2 MT07.. the MT07 is way too hot!
  15. @Kazu that doesn't sound normal bro... modern bikes... the coolant system that cools down the bike.. there is a thermostat that opens a valve to flow the coolant into the radiator when the temp rises.. also.. when the temp is up to a certain temp OR when your bike is at a stop.. the radiator fan is suppose to turn to cool down the radiator.. it sounds like either your thermostat is stuck close OR your radiator fan is not turning.. that's why modern bikes... the temp gauge is usually very stable.. it's not suppose to rise when you are at a standstill.. those conditions sound more like older air-cooled engines... try taking a look when you are at a traffic light.. whether your radiator fan kicks on or not... or maybe the zontes v310 doesn't have a radiator fan?
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