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  1. @Jason Jace Ang i keep a bag of these in my topbox.. when raining i just use place my phone inside these reusable sealable plastic bags, and just put the phone onto the mounts.. cheap and good. but nowadays most phones are waterproof to a certain degree so probably my next phone i won't need to do this anymore.
  2. @westcoastbestcoast did you check AXS? should be in the system already if really kena.. otherwise congrats!! no summon! just be weary when approaching a junction from now on.. not just the 12 points but also safety. as u do not know what other road users will do (like beating red light!)
  3. Xmaxer

    Harley Riders gather

    Qoo10 - [Autobacs] Turtle Wax Premium All Metal Polish : Automotive & Industry Turtle Wax Premium All Metal Polish 325ml | Shopee Singapore apply once every 3 months should keep everything looking nice and shiny. if it rains, u might have to do it monthly. important thing is to keep water and grim off your bike after every ride as those are what 'eats' into the metal.. do you have pictures of your harley for us to admire?
  4. Xmaxer

    Harley Riders gather

    @aramis270 autosol metal polish.. cheap and good. the 48 is a very nice bike.. if only i could afford a harley davidson.. did you get it new or brand new?
  5. @howpeteryup.. probably someone in line got it on their in car camera and submitted to tp..
  6. seems like the lockdown has made many bikers explore their local trails regardless of what bikes they have
  7. why would anyone remove the air filter from their bikes? for more power?
  8. appeal.. usually nice TP officer will waive the fine with a warning... they understand too that bikers dont really queue at turning junction.. in future just do it politely and thank the car for cutting in and dont make it too obvious.. if the car is too far into the turning pocket, then just wait 1 or 2 cars behind..
  9. the trigger point should be at where the pedestrian crossing ends, unlikely in the junction box. for obvious reasons, the tp will never share publically what triggers the camera but if you really did get snapped by the camera.. the flash is very very obvious especially at night, u won't miss it. chances are if you are doubting if there is a flash, then it didn't happen. also it won't flash once, but actually twice or three times if you are still worried, u can get AXS via the app or website after a few days to see if any summon has been issued, will be faster than waiting for traffic
  10. wow recently a lot of posts on GSR400 here on SBF.. seems the GSR400 trend is coming back to life. hard to find parts now as most bikes have been scrapped and not many owners keep unlike the popular super4, but good job on keeping it, have always preferred the suzuki over the honda. scrap yards also unlikely to have these parts of they will command a high price.. found this on aliexpress tho.. us$8, should be cheap enough if this is the part you are looking for? pls double check the listing but it says compatible with gsr 400. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001334075347.htm
  11. @Prince8878 @IRL_Dippy confirm not coming? i heard that it's coming from my friends who said they heard from boon siew that the rebel will be coming in 2021??
  12. the only time needed for PSB helmet is during TP test.. outside of riding school i use my Arai or HJC that is not PSB approved but im sure these have higher safety rating than the cheap $50 helmets with PSB sticker
  13. @Decaf hows your bike coming along? for some reason these days i am starting to see more and more GSR400 on the roads!
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