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  1. Time Left: 5 months and 7 days

    • For Sale (WTS)
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    COE renewable Mileage 68k Last serviced Mar 2021, serviced regularly Solid engine Comes with Givi box, crash bars, voltmeter PM to view

    8,200.00 SGD

  2. Can check out the helmet guide blogpost
  3. Definitely Shoei full face. But the best protection is to practice defensive riding. I had a friend who had the same thinking - "head must be protected with the best helmet". Bought the most expensive $1000+ helmet. Didn't make a difference when the accident came...
  4. I trust top-selling raincoats on Shopee can see lots of actual reviews... and often cheaper than retail!
  5. Honestly, the driving school makes a huge difference. I started out learning my 2B at BBDC and had the best time, loved and looked forward to every lesson. Instructors were fun and professional (and would keep an extra lookout if you were female usually!), there was a clear lesson structure, and a pretty fixed team of instructors who would look after each batch. Even felt a little sad each time I passed my test for 2B, 2A and 2, cause it meant that I wouldn't have anymore lessons for a while! For 2A, I thought I would try learning at Ubi instead since it was nearer to my house. Horrors.
  6. E.g. the rock ready backpack and barpad toolkit https://rockreadyengineering.com/ Pride for Singapore riders/engineers/designers? How does quality compare to international brands? Any other made-in-Singapore motorcycle accessory brands to keep an eye on?
  7. What are the best / most reliable bike shops to recommend ? For road bikes in general, no model in particular. I used to go to Racewerks, but then my favourite uncle just retired Don't know who else I can trust, everyone tells me that bike shops confirm will try to cheat female riders.. Also, is it normal to just walk up and and approach any person in the bike shop for help when you bring your bike there for servicing? I always just went straight to my uncle. But after he retired, like nobody else in the shop seemed friendly and approachable. Very awkward to ask any person sta
  8. What are the things to look out for to check the state of a second hand bike? Apart from dents and scratches
  9. Wah still must pay 200! I thought might still be able to get back some money from selling parts to the bike shop hmm..seems like might be better to see if I can sell my bike to someone who just wants to ride for 1-2 years. Let them extend the COE haha
  10. What do I do when my motorbike COE ends? Do I need to scrap it? Can I extend COE (how to do so?) Do I need to send it to a scrap yard (where are the 'scrapping places' in Sg?) Can I salvage parts? My bike is Super4 Revo 2013. Never dealt with end-of-life bikes before Planning now whether to extend COE, or try to sell off to someone else to deal with this problem aha
  11. Jackie Towing - 93831261 Tow Bro - 90608860 Ben Towing - 86189101 I have these contacts shared from others. Although when I needed towing, called all and nobody was available. Not sure which towing company has the largest fleet also.
  12. But which is the best / most trustworthy? I feel like I got cheated by a towing company before. They see I'm a female rider then anyhow charge.. even tell me to my face "normally I charge less but since I rush down for you so I charge you $5 extra"
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