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  1. fhttps://www.facebook.com/TRI333PLE/videos/3746421752151571
  2. we are pretty sure 'knowing how to swing golf clubs at helmets' won't help in our job interview with them
  3. To all scooter enthusiasts out there! We will be co-hosting Royal Alloy's launch event tonight at 8pm Check out the event live on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/449940746444245
  4. When buying a new motorcycle COE is registered to the bike and it will go from that date and expire 10 years later. If you're getting a used motorcycle you can check its current COE expiry date from the seller.
  5. that's 39k disappearing from your assets
  6. We are one of the first to get our hands on the Forza 750 in Singapore, and we were very very surprised!!! The 745cc Big-Bore Maxi-Scooter joins the Forza line up this year. In this video, we share with you our first impression of the Forza 750. Special Thanks to Boon Siew Singapore Honda for the opportunity to review the Forza 750!
  7. For all the adventure tourers out there, we know you miss this. Hang in there, we are pretty sure the borders will reopen and we will get back to doing what we love best - Touring on our motorcycles. If you like this video, share and tag your touring kakis. See you on the road! Remember to Like our Facebook Page!!! www.facebook.com/tri333ple And Subscribe to our Youtube Channel!! www.youtube.com/tri333ple
  8. Check out the new release of the Aprilia RS660! Aprilia - RS660 Launch Singapore
  9. Always wanted to go on an adventure? Only got a class 2a? The KTM 390 Adventure touring enduro machine might just be the bike for you. Find out more about the KTM 390 Adventure as Winston visits DirtWheel this time!!
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