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  1. Hi Marcheline,


    May i know the shop that rewind stator coil which you mention about rebuilding R1 engine post?




  2. I need your help and check my yamaha r1 2008 problem conditions.

    I'm hearing impaired. If you willing help me, can sms me 98512554 or whatsapp.

    Thanks bro

  3. Hi, came across one of the thread thats about bike respray years ago and you mentioned that you resprayed your bike at a good deal in the east. Wonder if I could have the contact and address of that shop?

  4. hi thank , the info is really helpful, ride safe.

  5. If you read the post properly, I did mention the new address as No. 19 Joo Koon Rd.

  6. hi saw a post in super non-vtec u mention abt ah ann, do u mind giving mi the address i need to look for some part for my spec1 thank

  7. Hey there, for the record, I accompanied a friend of mine to buy a KRR150 and coincidentally, it's also an FV-plate. Machine price of $2400 from a shop in Yishun. Don't get cheated, aite? Take your time to look around first. Ask a friend to go with you and probably get a ride from him as well, so you can save on the cab fare. G'luck.
  8. Haha! I had the same thought before I reprayed my bike. The 50th anniversary red/white (or cream to some) is unique, but it looks dirty after some time. You won't regret givin' your babe a new coat of paint, trust me. Yeah! Ah Pek's bike is freakin' chio. Oh the shine!
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