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  1. i don't think so la. but they call and disturb you one. think most ppl won't want trouble...
  2. so they put in rental agreement that it breach contract if write a bad review about them. dirty biz. got a 2nd hand one! still better condition than theirs...
  3. nightmare. yes, cheap for probation/new riders. but this kind of quality = hope your life cheap also... siao one. now i know, i defo rather pay more for proper bikes.. good chance new rider ride this kind see god early nia.
  4. yes rented bike from them. bike given cannot ride one, stall at every traffic light. damn unsafe can die kind. the staff still kaopeh and insist no problem. very rude and unhelpful. i think they now use advertising budget to buy google reviews sia. all their reviews 1 star (real) and 5 stars (fake) onli. defo not recommend.
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