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  1. just wonderin wat's d fastest u guys hit on yr monster ??
  2. thanks guys for all ur input!! n u're right a s4 can nvr give a feel of a monster haha!!! n gd to knw dat d 400 can be bored to 600 wld luv to do dat!! well hopefully i pass my 2a fast n monster here i come!!!
  3. wow only 33hp? s4 n d gsr400 has 53hp. hmm dat mean speed wise slower den dese 2 bikes right. but in d other is d pick up better accleration? cause i knw s4 accleration quite slow i mean i love d monster looks wise... but i wld love d monster to have monster power too knw wat i mean.. so comments guys... wen u say carb probs.. u mean always have to clean it or wat?
  4. ok hi guys i'm really interested in d monster it was love at 1st sight.. had some gd n bad reviews fr friends.. but i think d best can only be fr true friends like u'll. so here r d qs. wat's d hp for d 400 monster? wat kind of engine? (etc in line 4, v twin bla bla) fuel consumption. is it possible to get a monster made in 2000? heard dat they will be new monster arriving onshore 2006 edition? true? lastly to do have kits to upgrade yr monster too 600cc n above? hope do get yr honest opinons. cause once i pass my 2a gonna get 1 thanks guys!
  5. sorry guys bit no1 can ans my qs? is it easy to get 2nd hand monsters? cause i'm planning on saving up now so by d time i get my 2a(may) i get get a monster... so maybe some1 can tell me more abt d bike??? cause other den d afct dat d bike is gorgeous i don't really knw much.. hehe
  6. hi guys. i fell in love with d monster 400 wen i saw it at my camp carpark... wanna knw how much is a 2nd 1 .. n is it hard to get cause ppl have told me it's quite rare now?
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