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  1. Airbrush contacts all I got is from fb...searvh for camel airbrush or dna airbrush

  2. Hi Bro, do you have lobang to respray helmet? just got into accident, i have 2 arai helmet need to do some minor repair on the paint work. Thanks.

  3. pm me if u need anythink..i got almost everytink including gearbox 5-speed

  4. U interested in the ohlins shock or brembo caliper for ur gixxer shoot me a price at 90905607

  5. Haha just asking i choose those timing cause i just need to take something in kl for my bigday than need to be back in singapore to work so just asking if any going kl to holiday can ride up together when going back i go back with my fiancee if u wanna stay i am ok
  6. Paiseh bro was too tired from work when u msg maybe next time k with an advance notice at least i am prepared anyway anyone going up to KL i might be riding up on the 23/07 at ard 0300 just a 1 day trip go collect some stuff walk walk see see like going orchard than proceed back by 23/07 midnight reaching singapore 24/7 morning latest afternoon
  7. If u travelling that speed it will be more tiring bro but slowly ah when i first got my r1 last time also i travelled that speed 120-130 when i and my friend went to sepabg but only till melacca when i gain confidence and i try went faster and faster w/o realising i was already travelling 200 haha the fastest i ever hit on that beast was shockingly to me 280-29+ nearly hit 300
  8. HahHa handjob no more oh yah jazz no more here sigh~ gixxer gal no more sad sia haha
  9. If after the raya i wont be going than preparing for my big day by than sigh~
  10. I on but i need a date where majority is free especially u kenji when which date i will place in forum and try to make it happen
  11. Welcome and hope u enjoy ur suzies anyway i am also new to the suzies myself rode the bike less than a yr enjoy the bike bro to me compare my k7 600 with my ex r1 1000 suzies is hotter...regarding suit ehm to me frankly its expensive but advantage is u will get ur perfect fit suit and customising u get to choose ur own design Standard... Ehm i think to me whatever suit u wear depends on the quality leather and guard choi if u fall still u will be hurt but how much it saves ur skin depends on the suit and guard For me myself i am using dainese
  12. Oh... Most of my friends did with them but we stopped due to a certain experience with them we did all the rothmans design anyway good luck in ur suit check extra careful what u asked is given and hope to see u in track b4 retire hehe
  13. Nop not confirmed yet if can before fasting month if possible if not the next one i be playing is only on september anyway i customise ur suit where? Srs? Spirit? Dk motor?
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