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  1. Having owned a pulsar ns200, I gave a walkthrough and review on the bike. This is for those who are considering this model or wants to find out more about the pulsar ns200. I have her for 8months now and done about 10,000kms so far. This bike is definitely affordable in the class 2b category and I would say her looks aren’t half bad. She is 5 years old and have only given me minor problems, no issue with the engine. Hope this video helps u in deciding whether to get one or not
  2. https://youtu.be/axrWlY2ilHA Hi guys, I made a video on my experience in getting my class 2b license at SSDC and I thought I would share it to give some expectations and tips for the new students. There are timestamps in the video description to save time. Hope it helps. Feel free to ask me questions below
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