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  1. They do publish the statistics! Here: https://data.gov.sg/dataset/driving-licence-information-qualified-driving-licence-holders?view_id=bfc8784b-17d2-4cba-84dd-60548fb5b400&resource_id=2c9d02bb-d9c3-4659-a86c-ce6d94a208bd As of 2018, Class 2: 132,390 Class 2A: 196,544 Class 2B: 515,691
  2. Haha ok, makes sense -- I was just confused because the only people actually turning when I drove by were small cars and motorcycles
  3. Hey guys! I encountered this sign the other day and was very confused about whether I could turn right. Location: NUH, eastbound Lower Kent Ridge Road. Top sign: No right turn. Bottom sign: Vehicles not exceeding 2500kg in unladen weight. What in the world does this mean? Literally, I think it should mean that the top sign applies to vehicles specified by the bottom sign. So, "No right turn for vehicles not exceeding 2500kg in unladen weight." So, "No right turn for vehicles under 2500kg", so "No right turn for small cars and motorcycles, trucks and lorries ca
  4. Thanks for the info! Definitely cross my fingers and look a zillion times whenever making a discretionary right. One question I realized I never learned the answer to is: Is it always the case that a right arrow will come after the green light? Or does it only do this if it senses there are cars waiting to turn? Sometimes if I'm the only one waiting, I worry my bike will be too small for the sensor to pick up, and then I'll be stranded in the middle of the intersection.
  5. The TP simulation courses... biggest waste of money time and money imo. Graphics worse than gta3 on my old ps2. Controls very laggy also. Learned absolutely nothing. Worst thing is, (at least at BBDC) cannot book them all in a row to get the waste of time and money over with -- just like lessons, you have to complete one to book the next one. Insanity.
  6. @Xmaxer Checked already, no ticket! I still feel damn nervous at intersections, and when the light turns amber I say to myself "12 points cannot, rear-ended also cannot!" Maybe I'll buy a helmet cam, so if it's a borderline case I'd at least have video evidence for an appeal.
  7. Thanks for the responses! That's reassuring, confirm did not see two flashes. And @w7_lee, the arrow tip is useful, thanks! Hopefully this will help me become more confident and less scared of the red light cameras, which seem to be everywhere!
  8. Hi guys! I'm a new p-plate rider, and a few days ago I had a slightly scary experience on West Coast hwy near Science Park rd. It was one of my first times riding so I was riding a bit slow, as I wanted to start out being cautious and was just getting used to the bike. As I approached the traffic light, it turned amber about .3 seconds before I entered the intersection -- not enough time to safely stop. So I proceeded through, but I was going so slowly that I'm not 100% sure whether I exited the intersection before the light turned red. Then I noticed a bunch of signs warning "traffic police c
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