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  1. Very good question. Something I want to do in my upcoming videos. My choice for the xsr155 is the classic look it exudes. It’s such a handsome young stallion. And the handling is just, well, nimble. I’m 6ft and weigh 115kg and most 2B bikes are small. The W175 is a beauty as well and is as raw as it comes. And the CB150R is a modern muscular beauty. Truly Amazon. The XSR is small but tall. After searching for months I finally feel that the XSR is best for a big guy like me. And my search continues so I hope I can help people make choices Thanks for the question friend
  2. Hello my first attempt at doing a video of my favourite bike the Yamaha XSR15 please help click like, subscribe and share.. Thanks guys
  3. click on the YouTube link if you are a Learner in CDC in Ubi. Route is from lesson 6 onwards Like and share please. Thank you
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