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  1. The R3/MT03 i feel is the sweet spot for SG roads. It’s 29nM of torque is enough to tell everyone you’re riding a 2A bike without killing fuel efficiency and also without adding additional weight like the super4. That being said the super4 is smoother at high speeds due to the inline-4 engine. But because of the additional weight the pick up is roughly the same on both bikes. Coming to the ZX25R. It’s a track toy. We don’t even have enough roads to even utilise the super high revving inline-4 engine that the ZX25R has. Highways are super congested by the time you reach the correct rpm 10
  2. I’m currently riding the MT-03, the fuel consumption (27km per liter), price and maintenance (only 2 cylinders and 2 bottles of EO) alone made me pick this over the S4. I’m also quite skinny so S4’s weight is more of an annoyance to me than anything. For me this inline-2 engine with 42PS is all I need in a bike for use in SG. MT03 Pros: -Fuel savings for 2A bike approx 27kmpl. - High revving engine (mid and high range torque) - 168kg kerb weight, almost like 2B bike - 2 cylinder, lesser EO (approx 2L) - lower maintenance costs - easily cruise at 10
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