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  1. L5 time! another notoriously challenging lesson. but you’ll get it. have confidence in yourself on the road and always tell yourself to ride defensively!!
  2. don't give up. i was in ur shoes just a few months back and i know how frustrating it can get (coming from someone who repeated majority of the lessons an average of 5 times) i repeated assessment 5 times and passed on the 5th time with 18 pts, was the "only sole survivor out of everyone" according to the instructor haha. L4 is known to be pretty tough for a lot of my friends at ssdc, so don't get disheartened. i'm still taking my 2b, so just take my tips with a grain of salt as i'm still learning as well. for fig8, whatever you do, DO NOT look at the kerb. just look
  3. wa $100/month. can go so many cr with that money
  4. thank you for the encouragement. it really helps learners like me a lot more than you would think!
  5. ive got a few friends! my brother rides as well. but would def like to make more friends who ride ! i want to pillion around more often LOL
  6. hello! im at ssdc too easiest way to get earlier dates is to check the website very often (on the bus when u bored, checking just before u do ur work etc). if u have time i recommend just camping at the website, coz sometimes they do add slots (my next L5 was supposed to be in mid march, i checked last night and got a slot for next week) if youre at L1/2/3, slots are just very hard to get coz those are the lessons that are repeated most often imo. there's an abundance of circuit revision. and yup, there's a bot but i heard it's expensive, close to $100/month or something
  7. yup! one of them helped me to adjust before, just a very slight difference only hopefully i maintain all my good habits once im on the road by myself. whee!
  8. thank you for the reminders! when i rode on public road for the first time the other day, all my blindspots fly especially when i did uturns. guess it's different in action even when i reminded myself about it throughout the day. LOL
  9. i note down coz my hands are short, so most of the biting points on the bikes are a reach for me.. wah hopefully i get lucky on my tp test too should i make any obvious mistakes LOL. thank you for your kind words!
  10. just saw this sorry had my first road lesson, they had 5 riders + 2 instructors. for circuit lessons i think up to 8, depends on the lesson. Average around 5 or 6 learners from what I remember though.
  11. depends on the lesson i feel. like lessons 2 and 3.1 (the 6 courses) are very difficult to get slots within the same week. my waiting time between each lesson was around 2 weeks on average but for L4 (circuit assessment), i was able to book twice in a week road lessons i think quite jialat also, around 2 weeks waiting time, unless u camp la haha theres an abundance of CR though. if u cant get one this week, the next week sure have
  12. yup thats what i do haha i try to use a bike i've never used before during revisions, then i type down some notes about the biting point etc.. will definitely go for a few more revisions and ask instructors questions. thank you!
  13. super excited haha. just that ssdc waiting time super sian
  14. i already enrolled into ssdc. on road lessons now.
  15. im learning at ssdc now, and they have smaller bikes (honda msx125) and their regular bikes, honda cb190r (bbdc also uses these). im 160cm and i can get on the cb190r without much issue as long as i wear pants that can stretch. i have to tiptoe when i sit on the bike though, but we usually just put only one leg down anyway !! falling is part of the process. dropped the bike many times during first lesson, and now halfway through also sometimes will drop at circuit haha. in fact i even recommend dropping it so that you become less scared of dropping it in the future. people have gotten off
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