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  1. Italian meetup 2006 Date: 5th march 2006 sunday Time: 3pm Venue: KKFC Guys pls try to show yr support and make time for this.. names, nicks and numbers pls.. tks =) APRILIAS 1. xiongzzz - weixiong - 96654547 2. [email protected]+r!x - andrew - 98554161 3. benguin46 - ben - 96988499 4. taiji - cs - 81633234 5. Spiderman- Alex - 97348976 (will be riding my italian scooter!) 6. Dannis 90214262 7. PGK,MBK,DBK,Redliner.... whatever u call him.... he must come or I dont. 8.hanz 94277084 9. DNAdevil - Vincent (and galfren) 90680031 - (if my wrk place force OT i TREAT MC) 10. andytankk - 904
  2. haha. i went there for supper, without the bike. saw ya riding off. heh, wanted to stop ya, but that monster was way too fast! whew!
  3. saw ya at KTM last night man. and who was the chick?
  4. well fact is, before michael worked on yer bike, there was no leakage right? so there u have it, it was not meant to leak in the first place, prob did a botched up job and blame it on the previous owner. hope u get my pt. btw, when i had the monster, after he did the scheduled servicing, it leaked too, had to go back twice to rework it.
  5. how come never come over intro yourself?
  6. actually theres no k&n filter for the m400. but i used the monster 900 filter before and it fits.
  7. theres only one FW plate 999 bip i know and it belongs to minerva (or used to). its used for test riding. mine is the 2nd bip otr and its already FX plated
  8. errr... i think minerva is cheaper... it cost me abt 600 then, (2002 model). prices may have changed at minerva, somebody correct me if im wrong. anyway the bike is all done up, like brand new again.
  9. remember, check that everything is on before u ride off. michael abit old, so theres some tendency to forget a thing or 2. no disrespect to him tho.
  10. dude, the monster is a relaxing ride. the other is not so relaxing. heh.. but it makes up for it with madness
  11. talking abt old bikes, here was mine. nice eh? it was a very fun ride.
  12. i used to have a monster, can i join in?
  13. sure.. will try to meet up one day. maybe get you to pillion me.. hee hee.
  14. hurhur.... saw the bike thoroughly but the rider... just a glimpse
  15. no, we were not formally introduced. but i saw you attending to your bike so i roughly know who u were. hows the bike? i had the monster 02 once. but the dark version is xtra delicious.
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