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  1. Hi guy! It's me again. Thanks for those who give some suggestions including guard wrap from Aliexpress. Apparently I have sent my bike to The Carpainter workshop at Pioneer Point to get my fork plastidip for $120. I chose the bright gold, to get almost same original fork colour as it can get. They have plenty other colours as photo attached. Not bad l, i am happy with result. Only thing i dont like is the fork feel abit sticky now and i need to wipe it using wet microfiber cloth when cleaning it. A bit tedious when i want to wash bike from now on. So here is what plastidips
  2. I just got the bike a few months ago when the forks were already in that condition. Thanks for the tips guy. I guess the previous owner left the motorcycle exposed without bike canvas under the sun and rain at the open space carpark for many years. Now after researching I am consider to either cover it with vinyl wrap (cheapest) or plastidips (pricey). I still remember the scrambler/DRZ hype and crazed back in 2012 with many fb photos and video post from the riders. I was still riding underbone cub bike back then. Those riders have longed sold their DRZ since, I guess I missed the DRZ p
  3. Hi guys, first time owner DRZ 400 here. My upper fork is oxidized, I am thinking about coating it. Usually how many days the workshop can coat it and the price range? And can i retain the original gold color when coating it. One of the workshop quoted me at least 1 week due it need 5 days of air curing and price is up to $180 for both sides. And retain original gold shine color is not possible as cerakote color is matte. And he didnt recommend wrapping because it will make oxidized worsen if the wrap is peeled off. If you have any advise and recommended workshop please let me know too, thanks
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