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  1. hi, i'm using OEM handlebar. well i juz got my barend mirror bought frm ebay. what i need was to finalised the fittings with good effect rather than bling bling.
  2. ohok... thnks thrasher for ur advised i'm afraid if i got it service & the timing of the carb will not be the same again. wat i mean was, the carb will be no longer as smooth as bf. pls advise which bike shop will u recommend??? thnks
  3. Motovation a bit pricey but it comes with the highest quality barends slider. another option for me thnks for the link anyway. appreciate it definitely.. unless u got alot of money hehe...
  4. thnks... wat bout Motovation Universal Fit Bar End Weights/Sliders???
  5. back to where we belong.. no. 1 spot i hope Man United will win the rest of the game even the next remaining games will be alot tougher. 2nd season will be much better football & entertaining coz who will break Man United unbeaten run..
  6. Liverpool got a new young player which i believe will be the next Carra & Stevie. i dun blame R.H for the lost alot of game but he also feature some of Liverpool player frm the academy & reserves which i see for the future. esp the right back pos. which is now belong to Kelly rather than Johnson. Young Shelvey will be the one to watch. both of them r still raw but need games. With the Legendary Dalglish incharge, i hope Liverpool will be the team to fight for no.1 spot for the next season. too bad R.H still not yet the level of Master Tactician & Mind Games.
  7. does anyone knows whr to purchase a monster windshield & price??? thnks.
  8. haha... the shop name has been revealed... wahlauu... bad customer service. then u gonna pay???
  9. uhh!!!! any job vacancies available???? if do may i noe wat pos??? n ISSIT REALLY HOT!!!!
  10. now evryone got program liao.. no wonder is dead!!! dun bother lah.. if no program come back to this thread k....
  11. U got so many bugs around u.. so thts y wats bugging u hehe...
  12. if u saw them again u shuld stop thm at traffic junction. u get off ur bike then u stand infront of thm then u say "oh show off ahh" to all of thm.. then u make ur move time to showboating wif ur mesmerizing ball juggling.. u ronaldinho right. so wats the big deal!!
  13. lol.... sklai gay man how bro or bapok liao haha...
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