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  1. Thank you for your answer Siphon! I am looking forward to learning how to maintain my future bike myself, but at first I'm sure the help of shops such as Planet motor Ah Chong will be precious. As for your driving advice, I'll very much keep it in mind, I am a very careful car driver so I expect to be twice as careful on a motorbike ie no speeding, low speeds under slippery conditions, no brake slamming etc... Once the time comes for me to purchase the bike, I will have three options, which one would you recommend the most?: -Buying a good condition bike on carousell/sgbikemart from previous owner with 3-6 years COE left (bike cost:4000-5000 SGD + eventual repairs: I guess around 1500 SGD ?? = 5500 - 6500 SGD) -Buying a good condition bike on carousell/sgbikemart from previous owner with less than one year COE left and later renew COE for 5 years (bike cost 1000-2000 SGD+ repairs 1500?? + COE renewal 5 years 3750 SGD = 6250 - 7250 SGD) -Buying a pre-owned bike at a delaership with 3-6 years COE left (bike cost 7000-8000 but i expect no further expenses needed?) Do you think my estimates are good? Which solution would you tend to favor?
  2. wow @SBF what a kind and quick answer, if you reflect how the biking community is, I feel like i'm gonna fall in love with this world hahaha! Your answer correlates with the research i have been conducting: Honda Phantom rocks. I just hope once i get my license that i will be able to find a well maintained one with less than 5 years COE left ( but more than 2 years) at around 4000 - 5000 SGD. Willing to make around 1000 SGD immediate repairs and maintenance over this price. I would pay 6000-7000 for one in excellent condition though. Oh God yes the Daelim can look mighty sexy! but there are very few of them listed on carousell/sgbikemart, maybe should head to CKA or other dealership later to see if they got pre-owned models?
  3. Hello all, just joined the forum and am in the process of getting (hopefully soon) my 2B license in Singapore. I have always dreamed to one day own a Harley, so i guess i should start to walk down that path from now on. Which means going for a 2B cruiser as my first one ( excited!!). I don't want to pay too much for my first one as it will be kind of a trial period for me, so ideally would like to find a good condition bike that will hit COE expiry in 2 years to 5 years. (if newer model and still cheap why not!) After some research, three models stood out: ( please let me know if there are other possibilities) -Honda Phantom: my number one choice but they are not produced anymore since 2010 so not sure if spare parts still easy to find. seems to be regularly listed on carousell or sgbikemart so feels like a no brainer? -Bajaj Avenger: looks good, sounds cheap. Don't know about the reliability and read on the forum that finding spare parts is a nightmare. curious as to the brand new price, could consider a brand new if it's significantly cheap. -Daelim Daystar: Don't know much about this one, same as the avenger could consider buying new if it's quite cheap. Happy to hear your kind opinion on this
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