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  1. @kokseng_wongDo u think will get revoke? First time have P-plate but i put sticker so can be less seen, then 2nd time which is recently no pplate at all :((
  2. @SBFMy 1st time was Improper display as I put sticker on it , 2nd time No pplate at all as said it flew out while delivering food and manage to found 1 pplate and who expect to have 2 TP and 2 lta at 3am around neighbourhood :(( When u get the offence “it state as “non-display of pplate”? cos my first time kena is “improper display” and isit different offence “Improper Display” and “Non-display “
  3. i recently got my 2B license and using p-plate for my own bike, as days goes by, i tends to put sticker on near my P-plate to cover up but can be seen , and i was fine $150 (Improper displayment) Recently i got stop by Lta/Tp and i was using rental bike , while delivering food, my P plate flew off, i managed to find 1 of the P-plate and the other one cant be found, as i was rushing, i continue to send customer food and got stopped by Lta/Tp this time no display of P plate. Will i get my license revoked or still be warning?
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