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  1. Ive tried asking my building but only have for cars. Oh yeah m hotel is right across. Haha. It didn’t cross my mind to ask them. Okay thanks bro!
  2. 78 Shenton Way. I saw the URA carpark down the street, but im trying to look for sheltered parking in case it rains I won’t get drenched walking to office.
  3. 78 Shenton Way (Formerly Lippo Centre) -- 78 Shenton Way, 079120 -- Free can anyone confirm if this is really free? Because I rode by today and it only said season parking allowed. thanks in advance
  4. Hey all, my office will be relocating to the CBD and I’m trying to find season parking for my motorcycle but to no avail. the only one I found is the URA open carpark at 65cents per day. any of you know of any parking in the cbd for motorcycles? (Preferably underground/sheltered parking )
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