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  1. I'm Back. After going missing for a year, its time to pop my head in here to see whats going on. Mr Dodobird, what have I missed?
  2. Its a common thing, Monster 400, 900, 696 all have it.
  3. Motorworld, can't remember how much
  4. Used to use BT014 now using Pilot power, both good and cheep
  5. Dun u think his name says it all? He's very Randy
  6. In 3D? Got censor 18 mins or ???
  7. Ya, on or not 2 nite kallang macs?
  8. My Monster 400 is seldom ridden, but yet she starts 1st time every time, u should go get yours checked out, esp if its a daily rider
  9. I get 250KM to a full tank in my Monster 400 with stock front & rear sprocket
  10. A Thin Raincoast can be bought at Ah Boy
  11. Eh, u didn't know, every time we ride is like that. Dunno why u never join us
  12. I untail chop my monster, luckliy can find a tail to weld back.
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