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  1. If were to be caught... isit on spot or use cctv???

  2. If were to be caught... isit on spot they catch us or use cctv???
  3. Hi GUYS...advice needed... At 12am tdy was returning home using kpe expressway.... then i notice frm a distance tt the road was blocked by a consruction lorry and the workers were setting up the cones... Since the rd was blocked I had to go to the left lane all the way and cross the divider and then continue straight ahead..... At the rear mirror i also saw few cars doing the same (crossing the divider due to rd is blocked for construction) Aftr reaching my home I checked my camcar i notice that there's a electronic board stated 12-5am kpe tunnel closed Must exit now
  4. Hey guys... would like to ask ..... few days back was riding my fjr with only right hand on throttle and left hand on my left lap rested arnd 2am at ECP CHANGI... OUT OF SUDDEN happen to c TP car at the road shoulder with no lights etc... couldn't manage to c the tp officer either... to my understanding... TP could hv been deployed at the spot for monitoring purpose.... i was within my speed limit...but i was riding one handed.... isit okay to ride one handed especially for big bikes..... wl tp penalise for riding one handed?????? pls advice tnks...
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