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  1. Thx for the correction! You are absolutely correct to say if they propose something new, there is an intention to enforce it. Indeed it is most concerning now to us riders who own a helmet that is certified to international standards but just don't have the PSB sticker. I think it is important for us (even the shops themselves that sell non PSB approved helmets) to get an official answer from the authorities on this matter as soon as we can or we will always be looking over our shoulders for TP. Thanks for asking the hard questions for the community, SBF! Looking forward eagerly to w
  2. I strongly disbelieve that Foreign riders i.e. our Malaysian bros will get penalised for not having a PSB approved sticker. I mean how are they going to get a PSB sticker across the causeway. What this essentially mean is that only Singapore Riders are the only ones at the tail end of this law. I have no doubt that the law is amended with good intentions to eradicate fake helmets, but this law only serves to make Riding with a Full Face helmet more expensive. I personally have not seen any helmet retailers beside Cheong Aik and SG Racing World selling PSB approved Full Face Helmets. So wh
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