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  1. When u have road experience, you will have more confidence inside the circut. I feel that it's better to learn as soon as u can so bad habit won't have so much to be corrected.
  2. BTW you also ridding xmax.. Saw your profile name as xmaxer... Me too . The reason why I'm taking class 2 is for x-adv 750. If not I'm actually very comfortable with my xmax..
  3. Wow! Salute man.. Its really not easy.. If the instructor is a pri or sec school teacher, sure kena complaint many many by parents...
  4. Thanks you for your kinds words. Yes since I've already spend so much. Its not worth it to just give up man! Gonna keep on persevering! Will update when I'm through and how much I spent throughout. Cheers
  5. I'm 45 this year. Got my 2A In 1997 at Bukit batok.. Enrolled for class 2 at CDC from 1st Apr. Not easy unlearning all my bad habits for past 24 years. Thinking of changing to a bigger bike, that's why decided to go for class 2. But after going through 3 simulator and 2 practical.. A bit regret and the stress feeling of going to TP come back.. Nonetheless.. Just try lor. Last time same thinking also.. 2A good enough.. Sigh itchy backside.. Cheers...
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