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  1. Much appreciated, guys!!! Exhaust mod sounds tempting!!! I wish JB was open!!!
  2. Hi, can anyone enlightenment me on the mods available for the krr? Many thx
  3. I can't even corner properly, no dream to go track la... Hahaha... Sometime, idk if the tyres area slipping on the paint or the whole wheel is wobbling at the rear. Scary, man! Gotta service and change tyres soon. It's been too long for me , what do you do normally for service?
  4. Looks cool, man!! You changed the swingarm to proarm, woah, super cool! What else have you done?
  5. I used to go to hkl at Bukit merah when I was riding before
  6. My previous owner told me that the her mechanic offer diamond for 80 bucks, I said no. Cause the tyres still looked good for me.... But I still feel like it slips on the paint markings on the road, it's Michelle pilot street, don't know when they were installed tho
  7. I'm riding again after a very long time, my mechanics have already retired and bloodly JB is closed.... But if buy from you, I still need to go to the workshop to get it installed.... A bit troublesome unless the prices differ a lot. And speaking of mechanics, where do you guys service/ do repairs at?
  8. Oh ok. Will keep that on my mind, will holla if need any special parts
  9. Thx sky! I was actually looking at Corsa 3. Was checking online last night. Just wondering if it's really worth it as I'm gonna just use on sg roads....
  10. For mine, Coe is till 31st Dec 2023. Can renew. The previous owner was a super nice person, gave me a very good price. Changed battery and rear caliper and pump petrol for me when I requested. Just a super nice person!!
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