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  1. I just found one carousell. It's a mikuni tm 34mm for 150. Now gotta find the manifold. Maybe check ah boy when time permits. Any other places you guys know to find that?
  2. where can I buy mikuni 34mm carb? Roughly how much will it be?
  3. Did you guys see the noise limit also?! Sianzzz! No point buying aftermarket exhaust already lor! I bought a drz before I bought the krr. It was cheap considering the balance coe of 8 years, got it at 7k with delta 4 barrel exhaust. But sold it after a week of riding, minor problems which made me very disappointed with the bike!
  4. My coe ends December 2023, maybe sell off right before Hahaha
  5. Thx man! After my inspection, I'll update on the outcome
  6. I'm due for inspection in September, idk what I'm gonna do!!! Somebody save me! Think maybe sell off, hahaha
  7. Hey adesmond2 , you can buy another krr....
  8. Balance sounds better, not everyday I full throttle. Haha.... depends on mood, sometime jus rilex, chill ride at 60 70...
  9. Bro, you said you are selling parts. Could you kindly advice price for ignition, tank cap with lock and seat lock. Thx!
  10. And how about Reed Valve?std or vforce? And ya, I'm using std block
  11. Thx alot, man! I didn't expect such a detailed explanation . Thx again. Could you please kindly advise where can I get a keihin 34mm or mikuni 34mm?
  12. Hi guys, can advice where can I get a bigger carb?
  13. Much appreciated, guys!!! Exhaust mod sounds tempting!!! I wish JB was open!!!
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