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  1. Second that. Think the main thing is that TP might deem unsafe riding.
  2. interesting post. What kinda photos are u looking for?? I tot of places like Fort Canning, Sentosa Fort Siloso and the beaches. But not sure if they r really accessible.
  3. Yeah. Seems like it. Lessons are very limited. Good thing is that we are back to WFH by default for now.
  4. Very good reminder for all working out there. Money is essential. But health is even more important. Take care all.
  5. very interesting read. so may i conclude that the best thing is to always get the bike from the same shop? If so, any recommendations for the bike shop which has a good variety of bikes? thanks in advance.
  6. this is a very helpful post. due to changes in office location, had been thinking of going for a bike license and have a good ride to n fro office to safe time. thanks!
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