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  1. Then send your block for porting. Head skims. Change of reed valves to maybe boyesen petals, or vforce 2/3/4. Remove the catalytic converter in the exhaust. Remove the stopper in the muffler. Ream or lay your carb, make the bellmouths slighy bigger maybe from 28mm to 30 or 31mm. Exhaust modification fines, $500 hahaha. Careful.
  2. What are you looking for mate? Handling? Power? Outlook?
  3. Shucks forgot the clutch pack too. Every year. 1-2years, piston change. Engine overhaul depends!
  4. Monthly, spark plug, engine oil, carb cleaning, check air pressure, chain tension 6mth, radiator coolant flush, check sprocket/chain, 1yr, brake fluid change, caliper service, brake master cylinder service, front fork oil change Check your wheel bearings too mate.
  5. Many things bro hahaha. For track, i switched back to my standard swingarm. But yea, nissin samurai calipers, floating brake disc, rcb 3.0 2.15 rims, HEL 19mm master brake cylinder, lectron 34mm carb, CNC cylinder head. Lots more cant recall hahah
  6. No probs man. I'll just up my kr here heheh.
  7. 302 Lavender St, Singapore 338811 gatto garage 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6, #02-65, Singapore 417883 look for bayi
  8. Ahh pilot street. I nvr used them. Heard that many times though. Check the manufacturing stamp date on the tyres. For the prices? Hmm i dont know, there are times bayi charges more than most, there are times he charges lesser than most. Likewise for gatto
  9. Hmm 10 years i nvr did mine in Jb for major stuff. Other than that, brake pads, oils, cables, those small things yea. SG i do 2 places. One at Bayi Racing the other at Gatto Garage.
  10. Maxxis f1st/victra s98? Good. I've used it. Grippy. Choose that over maxxis volans/diamond. Volans/diamond not much perf
  11. Thats great. Anyway, not sure im allowed to promote but i sell kr parts. Base on preorders sometimes also base on stock. Lmk if you need anything. I'll try source it out. Items are from indonesia.
  12. These days? Past 10years i rode my kr with battlax bt 39 and bt090. Nowadays the choice is more. Pirelli rosso sport Pirelli rosso corsa 2 Battlax bt 39 F or R + bt090 R Battlax bt 39 F + S21 R Maxxis s98 victra (F1 ST)
  13. Shucks. That's sad. Both the kr i ride is till 2027 and 2023. No NEA rebate
  14. Interested to know if they run 2 strokes on their dyno. Would call them up to find out.
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