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    NEW 2B BIKES TOO EXPENSIVE? TAKE A LOOK AT A UNIQUE CAFE RACER FOR LESS THAN $199 MONTHLY! Kawasaki W175 2019 COE until 11/2029 One of the rarest cafe racer in Singapore, and it is your chance to own one! Prices for this beauty might even rise due to ceased production of W175! Added accessories and servicing as updated and done between the month of Jan-May 2021. - KOSO voltmeter (May 2021) - YSS hummer suspension (Not displayed in pic) (March 2021) - Custom speedometer - Slick flowing LED signal lights from Japan - Clubman handlebar - Diablo Rosso sport tyres (May 2021) Front : 80/100-17 Rear : 100/90-17 - Dual tail lights that look like mini GTR - Changed from two headed lights to LED headlights for better safety (2020) (Not displayed in pic) - Valve clearance done (March 2021) - Carburetor tuned (Easier to start up in the morning) (March 2021) - Tank bag (2020) - Custom seat from JuzzWheels (Jan 2021)(Not displayed in pic) - Every 2000KM servicing - Oil filter - Engine oil uses Liquidmoly 10W40 -Yuasa Battery 12V (Jan 2021) Mileage as of 4/5/2021 : 35252KM For any enquires regarding finance issues, please go ahead and find your own source of loan, if not i have few motorshop ready to loan you. If you are paying it full cash, it's all good.

    10,999.00 SGD

    - SG

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