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  1. Update:I finally passed my assessment on the 8th try!!! Thank you all for the help and advices!! And to those that feel like giving up, don't worry! I am proof that you'll make it if you dont give up ^_^
  2. Failed for the 7th time however, managed to clear all the courses without getting any points. Failed due to blindspots and my left foot isn't on the peg while riding.
  3. Yes! i will keep that in mind, Thank you! ^_^
  4. Thank you so much,i will keep all that in mind. Appreciate it alot
  5. Thank you so much for your time and help! I'll listen to your advices. I appreciate it alot! ^_^
  6. Failed my assessment for the 6th time today and i honestly feel like giving up. Every assessment is a different mistake. The timing for my figure 8 and narrow plank always doesn't meet the criteria and i dont know what to and what not to do at the junction after the crank course. Any tips will help, thank you
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