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  1. I recently bought a Kawasaki Ninja 400 with Leo Vince carbon fibre pipe, and the seller gave me the certification and card, but I was reading stuff online when I came across transfer of ownership for aftermarket exhaust pipes. So I would like to clarify if indeed I also have to do transfer of aftermarket exhaust pipe to my name after buying it from the seller? What is the process to doing so and am I supposed to get the certification under my name? Would appreciate any advice if anyone knows or has gone through this before thanks.
  2. Hey guys so I own a Kawasaki ninja 400 and I’m thinking of changing my tires soon but can’t decide on which brand gives me good wet and dry traction and also gives decent mileage. I’m probably going to stick with stock sizes of 110/70 for front and 150/60 for rear. I’ve seen Michelin road 5 (but can’t find 150 for rear only can find many 160s), Bridgestone S22 and pirelli Russo sport. Anyone got any experiences with these tires? Or got any other brand to recommend me to consider? Much appreciated thank you. (I’ve added my current tires photo down below. Still got some life in th
  3. Yeap thanks haha ended up getting that bike
  4. Another question. How would you know if a second hand seller is listing a fair price for the motorbike? Like what elements go into the deciding of the price and how do I know it is a fair market price or know when I should negotiate a little? Thanks
  5. are there any dedicated sites to find second hand ninja 400 other than Carousell? I want to research a few listings before deciding who to buy from
  6. Hi guys so I am new to the forum because I have had trouble finding dealers to get the Kawasaki Ninja 400 from. Seems many do not have stock right now too. Any recommendations from anyone to get the Kawasaki Ninja 400? Should I get first hand or second hand? Also colours seem to be limited to KRT green, but I'm thinking of just buying the machine then order the red and black fairings separately and get it fitted at a shop myself (SG doesn't have the red and black model) Just got my 2A license, did not have a 2B bike before this. Would appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks!!
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