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  1. @wishforastar Thanks so much for your in-depth instructions. Hope you don't mind if I update it abit. As I know, SSDC has updated their check-back and blind spot checking due to TP's remarks that it causes riders to wobble with too much checking. As much as possible I've updated the check-back and blind spot with green text, those underlined stay the same, but the text in red are the ones I need further confirmation as the changes are quite new, I only heard of them last week and did not have time to confirm more details with the instructors. Can anyone help to double confirm the t
  2. Great, thanks for your advice. Will get a pair of jeans too I guess.
  3. Thanks Isaac! Are your jeans the fortified ones with protectors in them? Or just casual.. retail/uniqlo brand kind? I think I may get mesh pants then.. would rather go for airy and pull over a raincoat if it rains.
  4. I was looking into some riding pants like Rev'it or Spidi, but am not sure if I should go for the waterproof ones that have an inner waterproof lining. On one hand, it's humid here, on the other hand, it rains so often. Not really keen on jeans as I would prefer to pull the pants over my shorts if possible. Anyone with any experience with mesh or waterproof pants?
  5. Took me 4 tries to pass the circuit assessment, but I'll tell you, practice makes perfect. I know that sian feeling but don't give up. You'll get there soon. For figure 8, you need to minimally go at 12-15km/h, try to keep the throttle constant. Just before you turn into the curve of the figure 8, turn off your signal and focus on the throttle. Don't be afraid that you're going to fall, you just have to grip the tank with your knees and believe in physics. In the middle of the figure 8 during the straight path, speed up slightly and before you enter the curve again, turn on the si
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