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  1. bro..i really interested with ur bike..u stay sk..very near me..i hg bro..98539072..sms me for a meet up..really keen

  2. Hi,


    I've read before your post regarding your hard time to start the engine.


    May i know how to you encounter that problem?



  3. hi there, are u the one doing the MO for Pazzo levers teh last time...???




  4. paiseh is piston cease not jam .. lucky not jam hahaha... go out liao bb sianz
  5. LoL i also engine died den no matter how also cannot start..den know is piston jam .. lucky i still got car can use hahah ... but i more sway YTD V day meet GF halfway bike lidat cant turn up she go home alone
  6. yea sure jam one .. weekend lol .. unless u go at ard 11-12...
  7. hahah i do at eddy ong AMK i think they don do these type of cheap stuff ba...Hope so ? lolz
  8. heY bro out there wanna ask my piston cease if change piston casket etc... need ard how much ? shop quote me $150-160 not sure also if piston really spoilt
  9. DaN zI

    N82 Nokia

    wa bro 248 wif 2 yr ? no trade in all these ?still got such lobang ? share wif fellow SBF bro ma :/ pm me !
  10. i tell u wat. my fren owe 1k + his line cut off by 2yr++ liao till now say wanna charge him lawyer letter etc... he still aline and kickin
  11. as in eddy ong towing ? cos my bike now parkin at the TPE exit tam ave 12!
  12. can give me the number ? and anyh shop to recommend ? cos i always go JB do bike de.. now bike die in SG donno how
  13. hey any bro out here know if which towing company cheap ? my SP break down today sianz need towing service and tow to which shop price reasonable one ? thinkin of eddy ong .. any suggestion ? and phone number pls . livin in sengkang so prefer ubi/defu lane/amk or upper serangoon or anywhere not so far one hope to get reply by mornin as i mornin wanna settle it le thanks
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