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  1. I don’t use front brake eh, can clutch in for pylon slalom? Because the instructor keep on saying I can’t clutch in at all, will it be an immediate failure or just points? Because I rather get points then IF by falling or something..
  2. Hi guys, I’ve finally decided to get my Class 2 license at SSDC and went for my first practical earlier. While riding normally, I feel fine and stable but the problem came during the pylon slalom course. Because we are instructed to go into gear 2 and I can’t touch the clutch at all, the bike tend to not have enough power and died on me in the midst of the course. Fell multiple times actually because the bike is always too wobbly as the RPM is too low but if I throttle too hard to increase the RPM, I go too fast to do the course. Anyone has any tips for this? I don’t remember ha
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