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  1. MSIG and AXA but both premium not cheap.
  2. What abt model Viper 125? Anybody currently riding or perhaps ex-owner care to share their experienced.
  3. Which of this two companies provide value for money in comparison aswell as fuss-free accident claims. I am a P-plate rider age 25 yet own a class 2B bike as I am currently in a mist of sourcing (not in hurry) good conditions pre-owned bike. At meantime, I am also considering which insurance company to buy 1st Party Comprehensive coverage. To my knowledge, this two companies are well known and has cheapest rate in the market. Any valuable input and suggestions is appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  4. 15 hours ago https://carousell.com/p/1037391296 98750414
  5. Thanks for your valuable advice. I will skip the deal. Still in a mist of searching pre-owned class 2B bike
  6. Any idea what is "add-in sub-rider" means? One bike owner suggested cash $1,000 and I continue his mthly installment $251 for 18 mths. Once I completed installment he will trsf his bike to my name but at mean time he will add-in my name in his insurance as sub-rider. Btw his bike left 2 yrs.
  7. Now I understand after reading.
  8. Btw I am standing at 1.81 mtr tall. Which type of bikes sit comfortably? Last weekend I went to view Honda MSX-125 and test ride. Bike looks & condition both are excellent. The only downside was bike size which is very small and low ride for me to sit comfortably. I guess it's more to ladies bike than for guys.
  9. What's NEA rebate? Isit referring to PARF just like for car?
  10. Time Left: 4 months and 8 days

    • Looking For (WTB)
    • Used

    PM your bike details, photos and asking price. Thank you.


  11. How do u find the resale value? And agent/dealer still selling this model brand new? Infact I wanted to buy new but hesitate due to high COE $$ and afraid to lose much $$ (poor resale value) when selling after riding for 2 to 3 yrs bcos I intend to upgrade to class 2A.
  12. Thks Jin. What abt cost of maintenance eg. spare parts, wear & tear replacement.
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