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  1. Hi guys, i ride a daelim daystar 125 which has a tubeless tire, i had to pump the front tire every 3 days because it is actually punctured but i couldnt find the source of leakage anywhere. Do u guys know how i can solve this issue without having my tires replaced first? what other methods could I do just so to minimise cost. Thank you!
  2. HAHAHA OH DAMN, she's almost 9 years too, I'm willing to give her the best make up and treatment that i could offer. I hope the one you r looking out for will do you good too
  3. In my opinion, I am not certain about the quality of parts as this is my first motorcycle that i owned, i am limited to the knowledge of extensive parts that are available out there. and also the price of spare parts and installation are pretty reasonable for me as a non-working young adult such as myself. So far, I am pretty happy of how daystar 125 stands out from the uncommon ta200's we see in the streets in terms of aesthetics.
  4. hey bro, i got mine 3 months ago, the bike did broke down on me before when i just got it mainly because of wear and tear issues, nevertheless i still had its parts repaired or replaced in the usual bike shop that i usually go to in Soon Lee(it's called yong seng heng motors). hope that helps:)
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