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  1. i salute u. but hav u thought of wat if the bike (tat u hit) is gone when u came back frm regina
  2. damages to a sports car and a ducati is no small thing in my view. so wats their decision? proceed with claim or let go?
  3. bikeshop rode bike for inspection?? for brand-new bikes inspect wat? only bikes of 3yrs and above need to go for inspection annually.
  4. watch ur bad habits during prac lessons... like feet still off the footrest while moving off... both legs down while stopping...etc. instructor at cdc once told me its easy to spot a learner who has been riding compared to one who jus 'kept license' for 1yr b4 enrol 2a
  5. if dealing wif FULL CASH, its best to do transfer yourself. no point going thru bikeshop and let them earn the fees.
  6. Paul senior test ride each bike b4 delivery as they r all custom-made bikes. for production bikes (and cars), manufacturers do not test ride each bike as it will be too time-consuming and unnecessary but they may randomly pick a few for quality assurance purposes. there may b exceptions, like Ferrari. Ferrari built a circuit right next to factory and they test drive each car frm production line... at top speed!
  7. if ur target bike is a common bike like sp or krr, then u shd wait till u pass ur tp then look ard. there are many on sale anytime, anyday.
  8. in my case, buyer view bike at nite ard 9pm, confirm deal over phone by 11pm... next morning he went to make insurance somewhere near lta then we meet lta counter at 8.30am. transfer done within 10min. then we both rushed off to work. the whole process from viewing bike to transfer took 12hours.
  9. i think Paul Senior test-rode ur bike b4 delivery as he always did.
  10. I saw the speed cam on PIE (near bukit timah exit) flashed b4, capturing a speeding car on the opp direction... its quite bright at night
  11. i wonder who is this person who issue the summon for void deck parking? a town council officer who go round hunting for bikes at void decks? or residents complain? or the car park attendent auntie spotted the bike at void deck?
  12. if im not wrong, p-plate was implemented on this date as well... 1994 was a happening yr
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