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  1. I own both thr HJC FG-JET and AGV K5 JET. My personal opinion on the 2 helmets : HJC FG-JET PROS : -Superb air-flow, owned many open face helmets, this by far is the best. Can really feel the air flow on the top of your head. -Very value for dollar, Fiberglass shell and internal sun visor for $200. -Good finishing, paint quality is good and the shell is damn solid. Dropped it many times, no damage except the paint abit scratched. CONS: -The helmet wind noise reduction is quite poor, Ah boy’s $80 EVO helmet fared much better in this aspect. -Visor scratches extremely easily. -I
  2. @outspoken: Never did change my clutch housing after hearing its $300+.. I heard alot of old S4 facing this problem lah.. wun affect the bike other than that super embarrassing sound it produces.. FYI $300+ i think is juz clutch housing alone.. imagine u found out clutch plates have to change also.. should be $500+ liao
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