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  1. bike still up? sms me the details of the bikes? 92323317(yat)

  2. *cough* pos *cough* uer Yes it would be. but i just dun feel the spirit of riding in the newer riders Very difficult to heck-care leh. if u see 2 persons wearing the same shirt, wldnt u assume they r from the same group? we might know the difference, everyone else will not
  3. on the contrary, one should be proud of his ride, in this case, his R1. If every tom harry's d i c k, who doesnt even ride the bike, wears a shirt bearing the R1 emblem, i think the significance is seriously diluted. Personally, i wouldn't want to be seen wearing the same shirt as the "forum riders" here
  4. The Meet-Up 2100hr 15th Feb 2008 Esso GP to Kulai 1) Tyræl 2) shaunz 3) Milan 4) gnayed 5) 900Km/h & 1 more r1 rider & his R6 fren newcomers are welcomed we move off from esso gp at 930 sharp late-comers make your own way there, and bring more ringgit
  5. that's all? surely the newer R1 owners aren't a bunch who post more than they ride?
  6. now is CNY period, eat abalone better http://static.flickr.com/20/73926919_f0b7e3c4ce_m.jpg
  7. nono, they need 1 of these... http://www.jccgv.com/home/SportsDinner/images/Item%20406%20-%20Toro%20Lawnmower.jpg
  8. http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x23/Tyrael7/Emoticons/33.gifhttp://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x23/Tyrael7/Emoticons/33.gif
  9. a fortune teller once told me that the number 6 is clashes with my 8 characters.... thats why i got R1 instead
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